New Baby Paper Chain Countdown {Daily Activities for Siblings}

From preparing your home to preparing your hearts, there is certainly lots to do in the last few weeks before welcoming a new baby into your lives.  For me personally this was a more relaxed process the first time around. I was able to finish out the school year and still had a month of summertime before Wyatt’s due date. Heck, there was even time to sit on the couch and craft a rag rug for the nursery.  I found myself busier when pregnant for John, and…well…now…there is just enough “free” time during our days to create “to-do” lists on scraps of paper before baby arrives. We won’t talk about accomplishing these tasks any time soon.

But at some point we have to take care of business, and more importantly, we also have to keep in mind the little hearts that will be sharing their parents in what comes down to weeks, yes, weeks, at this point. I’ve shared before how I feel like my best self when I’m able to be the mom I know I can be to our children. Making some special memories as a family of four and including the boys in our preparations as much as possible will help me to do just that.

I will have a repeat c-section, and while we haven’t nailed down an exact date {yet!}, a visible countdown complete with big brother activities, prayers for our growing family, and preparations for baby brother will be perfect.

I gathered a pile of blue scrapbook paper that I’ve collected over the years and sat down with our oldest to cut strips for the chain.  The size of your strips will depend on how big of an effect you want to create in your hanging space.


On a quick Google search, I found a few ideas for siblings to make for a new baby to add to this list already stirring in my head. I’m sticking with a 30 day countdown which should be perfect for including everything that we will want to do.  My biggest challenge will be in planning as certain days of the week lend themselves better to various activities. In no particular order, we will hopefully make some family memories and prepare for some family changes with this list ::

Preparing For Baby

  • Decorate matching shirts/onesies
  • Paint picture frame or canvas for baby’s room
  • Pick out baby’s lovey
  • Visit Dollar Tree for Big Brother Party decorations and plan menu
  • Pray for Daddy and Momma
  • Make a photo book for baby with stories {or words} about our family members
  • Pack hospital bag together {pick out baby’s outfit}
  • Help Daddy install the new car seat
  • Pray for big brothers
  • Make a list of favorite foods/activities for babysitter/grandparents
  • Pray for Momma’s doctor and nurses
  • Sort and organize toys and books
  • Go on a Target scavenger hunt for needed baby items
  • Pray for baby brother
  • Pick out a recordable book for stay in hospital
  • Help put clothes away in baby’s nursery

Making Memories

  • Get weekend donuts
  • Look through baby book/baptism book together
  • Learn about baby brother’s patron saint
  • Talk about big brother’s patron saint
  • Go on a frozen yogurt date
  • Pick out a special big brother dinner
  • Play with water balloons
  • Make personal pizzas for dinner
  • Enjoy a family game night
  • Make big brother play doh
  • Pray in thanksgiving for a growing family
  • Celebrate beginning of summer
  • Get an afternoon snoball
  • Have a new movie night complete with popcorn and candy
  • Take a family beach trip


Since I am technically crafting a bit early on this one, we will have plenty of time to add activities to our mix. Please leave a comment with your suggestions for memory-making or baby preparation to add to our chain!

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Jenn is an English teacher turned stay at home mom to boys Wyatt {2010}, John {2013}, and Abram {2014}. South Louisiana born and raised, North Louisiana educated, and Texas “polished,” she has found Houston to be home with her husband for the past ten years. After infertility struggles, in 2010 she traded in A Tale of Two Cities for Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and has since been busy discovering ways to learn while playing, maintaining a semi-scheduled family life, and integrating both Texas and Louisiana culture into her family. Besides making memories with her boys full time, she enjoys reading, running, crafting, cooking, and football. Y’all stop by When In Doubt, Add More Salt to read more about family adventures with the boys and Jenn’s thoughts on hot summers and Pinterest pin attempts, and her love/hate relationship with March Madness brackets.


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