How to REALLY stick to your resolutions this year!

Is it just me, or does everyone have a love/hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions?  On one hand, it’s the perfect time for a fresh start and positive changes.  But on the other hand, it’s just downright daunting to think about all of the time and money it takes to keep up with them!  As of today, we are only on Day 16 of this brand new year, and I already feel myself slipping.  Luckily, we’ve put together a helpful guide to make sure that 2015 is different though — and that those three most common resolutions are a little more simple and realistic to stick to this year!

But before we dive in, have you checked out our sponsors over at VarageSale yet?  We’ve told you about this AMAZING virtual garage sale site before in regards to Halloween and the holiday season, but it really is so very useful all year long!  {Imagine those beg/barter/buy/bang-your-head-against-a-wall groups you find on social media…but way more streamlined and user friendly for us busy moms!}  A lot of the little tips and tricks we are about to share can all be found there, so if you haven’t already – we encourage you to join and start scoping out local groups where you live.

Now back to those New Year’s Resolutions and a few ways to make sure you REALLY stick to them this year…

1} Get Organized.

VarageSale - New Year's 1It’s no doubt that if you’re a busy mom – your house is most likely in total and complete chaos most days.  But like the wise ones before us always said, organized chaos is better than unorganized chaos.  So now is the time to start hunting down storage solutions and going through one room at a time to make sure that your house is well organized and clutter free.

Sure, you can spend hours upon hours stalking the shelves of those high priced container stores looking for all the perfect {and outrageously priced} bins…or you can hop on VarageSale from the comfort of your pajamas and couch and see what creative solutions you can find there!  Keep your eyes out for baskets and jars and bins that are stylish – yet functional.  And for storage ideas behind closed doors {think closets, pantries, etc.}, you can always find lots of canvas cubes and plastic containers for a great deal as well.  Or if you’re in the market for some major organizational overhauls, take a peek at the many furniture options they seem to always have.  You can score some amazing pieces for really great prices, and they will add valuable storage space for the neverending chaos that always makes its way into our homes.

2} Get Fit.

Health and fitness is a priority of many lists this time of the year, and we all know there are many added benefits to regular activity and a consistent exercise regimen – with one being that exercise releases chemicals in our body that fill our “feel good” receptors.  But you know what doesn’t feel good?  Dropping hundreds of dollars on expensive fitness equipment for your home.

Thankfully, we have noticed that VarageSale always has quite a few fitness options for you to choose from.  Things like elliptical machines, weight benches, and even Fitbits.  Most of which have just sat around collecting dust and are being sold at a steal of a deal.  In fact, one of our team members scored an almost new jogging stroller there just a few weeks ago!

VarageSale - New Year's 2

3} Get Rich.

Okay, maybe not rich…but a very common resolution is to get a better grasp on finances so that it’s not such a struggle month to month.  This may include setting up a retirement fund or investing your money for a bigger return.  All of which are great ideas and definitely something we encourage, but sometimes it is nice to start small and just make a little extra money where you can.

VarageSale - New Year's 3Which is where VarageSale comes into play.  Remember that decluttering part I told you about?  You can earn some money by listing and selling your items too.  {Who knows – your buyer might be one of our team members who frequents and swears by VarageSale!}  From electronics to toys to clothes to accessories, the sky is the limit for what you can list and what others might be looking for.  Whether you’re saving for a family trip to Disney World, putting money away for your child’s tuition, or just need some extra cash for those pesky bills – consider making some extra dough by selling your old or unused items that you no longer need.  Some of our team members have had major success with VarageSale, selling outgrown smocked pieces, maternity clothes, home decor, infant equipment, a dining room table, and even a breast pump!


No matter whether you you are looking to get organized, fit, or rich this year…we can’t emphasize enough how helpful VarageSale is in reaching those goals.  New items are quite literally being posted by the minute, so even if you don’t find that perfect piece today – it just might be there the next day!  {It’s also important to note that while all of the items pictured above were posted by VarageSale users in the greater Houston area, some of the items may already have been sold by the time you read this.  However, some may still be available – so it’s worth a peek if you see something you like too!}

Oh, and be sure to tell your local family and friends to join as well.  After all, the bigger this platform gets here in Houston, the more opportunities there will be to buy and sell for YOU!


Please Note :: While this is a sponsored post, we are raving fans of VarageSale and all thoughts and opinions are completely our own.

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