Newborn Lifestyle Photography :: What Sets It Apart {Guest Post}

Here at Houston Moms Blog we are constantly getting questions about photographing children – especially those squishy little newborns.  You want to know where to go and when to do it.  And while we all love our DSLRs, we agree that THIS is a subject that is best left up to the pros!  So we called in our sponsor Alyse French Photography to give you the low down on newborn lifestyle photography, and we are so glad that we did.  She is uber-talented and has so much insight to share with all of you.  So without further ado, Alyse…

Newborn Lifestyle Photography {What Sets It Apart}

No doubt you’re familiar with newborn photography. Is there anything cuter than a sweet little babe curled up in an oversized basket? Probably not… But there’s a new style of newborn photography gaining popularity amongst mommas like you! We’re talking newborn LIFESTYLE photography. And there are four very specific things that set it apart…

1) Location… Traveling with a newborn isn’t always easy. Most newborn photographers have a physical studio space, all set with backdrops, space heaters, white noise machines, and all the props you could ever think of using! But as a newborn lifestyle photographer, I come to YOU. The backdrop is your home. A place that’s familiar. Warm. Calming. A place your baby is already forming an attachment to. A place that tells a story. Of family. Of love… And much like a natural-light studio, lifestyle portraits are best captured in light streaming through your bedroom or nursery windows.

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2) Subjects… As a lifestyle photographer, my goal is always to tell a STORY. And that can be a challenge when photographing the baby by him/herself. Newborn lifestyle photography incorporates mom and dad – even siblings and pets! The story of how you became a mom is just as beautiful and picture-worthy as baby itself.

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3) Timeframe… Most newborn portrait studios suggest photographing your baby within ten days of birth. This is a definite ‘sweet spot’ where sleepiness and malleability are concerned. Basically? There’s a distinct timeframe for capturing those posed solo shots of baby Kate propping her head up on her elbows, or baby Noah sleeping sweetly atop a football. But with lifestyle photography there is no real timeline. Of course, most parents still choose to schedule these sessions right away – babies change FAST, after all! But nothing is stopping you from shooting months down the road, when baby can respond to your cooing and even grace the camera with a smile.

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4) Moments… This is the biggest difference between studio newborn photography and newborn lifestyle photography! Lifestyle is about LIFE. It’s about moments. It’s that picture of your husband melting into a puddle when his baby girl lets out a big yawn. It’s the butterfly kisses you can’t help but smother your baby boy with just because he’s so GOSH. darn. cute. It’s even that adorable face he/she makes when crying – yes, crying – in your arms. It’s not about the perfect pose. It’s ALL beautiful. It should ALL be documented. And guess what else?! A few relaxed, solo shots of the babe are almost always possible to capture as well! Win. Win. Win.

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[hr] HMB_Alyse French_BioAbout Alyse French

Alyse French is a former Houston wedding photographer who has recently made the switch to portraits! She brings a fine art feel to maternity and newborn lifestyle sessions alike – prioritizing natural light, and moments over poses. She lives just shy of downtown with her handsome husband Dylan and adorable English bulldog Sully. Be sure to check out her brand spanking new website and blog HERE and HERE!

[hr] Please Note :: While this is a sponsored post, we feel passionately about newborn photography and are honored to be sharing all of Alyse’s talents with you.


  1. Loved this post, and I found it at the perfect time. There is definitely a market for the posed newborn photos, but in my humble opinion there is NOTHING sweeter than capturing the candid moments new families share with their little one right inside their home. I’m a self-taught/ new to business photog and your post has outlined exactly why I LOVE lifestyle photography.


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