Opening Up a Whole New Life Skill :: Why Your Kid Should Check Out Code Ninjas

While this post is sponsored by our friends at Code Ninja, the thoughts and words are uniquely our own.

Do your kids light up when playing Roblox or Minecraft? Do they marvel at the idea of building robots or flying drones? Kids are becoming expert users of technology at younger and younger ages. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could become technology creators while they are being technology users?

Today, my son Nico, had the opportunity to do just that by experiencing a mini coding session at Code Ninjas, a new coding learning center in the Tanglewood area, right off of Woodway and Chimney Rock. This beautiful, bright facility is so inviting for parents and kids alike! All technology is provided for the kids so all they need to bring is a smile and an appetite for fun!

Lobby area for parents. Behind the glass window is the coding room, AKA the DOJO…and this space is just for the kids!

So what is Code Ninjas?


  Starting the creative coding process!

Code Ninjas is a coding learning center where kids can unleash their curiosity and intellectual capabilities by combining mathematics, reading, problem solving and logic, all while creating games and/or robots of their own through coding. It’s a great cross-curricular activity that combines so many elements of what kids are learning in school and takes them to the next level by engaging the kids in logic, problem solving and critical thinking. The instructors, called “Senseis”, are experienced coders themselves. It truly is learning disguised by fun!

During the mini coding session, my son was able to create his very own game from scratch with the assistance of his Sensei. He guided Nico through entering the codes that created a “ping-pong” style game. I have to say that the smile never left his face the entire time he was creating and then playing his game. When his session was up, he immediately asked if he could return again tomorrow! While he was busy coding a new game, a Roblox Summer Camp was also in session and you could really feel the teamwork within the campers.  I also loved seeing so many young girls interested in STEAM! They weren’t playing the game, they were creating the game!

Code Ninjas Tanglewood will also be offering birthday parties and Parent’s Night Out in the near future!

How does CODE NINJAS work?

Getting ready to play his creation! Our Sensei, CJ, was awesome!

Parents can call the center to set up their introductory mini coding session for their child or visit the website here. From there, CODE NINJAS offers several memberships that allow kids to attend from as little as 1 hour per week to an unlimited monthly package. This is called their Drop-In Session and is based on your schedule so it’s SUPER flexible! They also offer a variety of Summer Camps in half day and full day options. Some of the camps they offer are MineCraft Create, Beginning JavaScript, Game Builders’ Club and CoDrones. There are several others as well. Parents are encouraged to call the center to explore which camp might be the best fit for their child based on age, interest and coding experience. This location will be offering camps through the week of August 19th.

One of the robots created by Summer campers!

My son loves games and I loved seeing him create his very own today. He was so proud of himself and truly enjoyed every minute of it! With the rapid rate at which technology is evolving, learning to code gives boys and girls alike an edge in future STEM careers. Even if they don’t go into STEM, as a high school teacher myself, I can tell you that the critical thinking, logic, problem solving and attention to detail offered by CODE NINJA classes, are an invaluable asset to our kiddos as they go through school!

Code Ninjas still has a few spots available for their summer camps at the Tanglewood and Silverlake locations. This is a great opportunity for your child to check out what they are all about! 


Connect with Code Ninjas

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Map to Tanglewood Location

Map to Silverlake Location

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