How I Met Your Father {Opposites Attract}

Dear Parker & Connor,

Would you believe that it took just two little words for your mommy and daddy to meet?

“Ready?” and “O-Kay.”

You might be confused right now, so let me back up a little.

I was 22 and fresh out of college, working at KBR where your daddy, grammy, and more than half of your family members on both sides have worked over the years. I joined a young professional’s group at the company that did a variety of networking and social events. One of these events was playing sand volleyball after work on Wednesdays.

On a Wednesday evening in August of 2006, I met your daddy at the Memorial Park sand volleyball courts. We were on opposing teams, yet I noticed him right away because he was constantly cracking jokes, and he knew how to have a good time. I wasn’t sure he had even noticed me. So when it came my turn to serve the ball, like every junior high B-Team MVP volleyball player does, I asked the other team if they were set. I said, “Ready?” in my best “I’ve been a cheerleader my entire life” voice.  And your daddy replied in his best “Does this girl think she is calling a cheer?” voice “O-KAY!” I cracked up. He had noticed me.

After volleyball was over, our group headed to eat dinner at Texadelphia. I sat near your daddy, and our conversations crossed paths a couple of times. At one point, he mentioned that he was 31 years old, and I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t know people that old! I asked to see his ID {cringe-worthy moment #1}, and it was true. He was 9 years older than me, so I went ahead and decided that he had zero interest in me. Then, our food came out, and I had ordered mini corn dogs. Your daddy gave me such a hard time for ordering kid food {cringe-worthy moment #2}, and I suddenly felt like the little kid at the grown-up table.

I guess I hadn’t made a terrible impression because the next day at work he added me as a “friend” on our internal instant messaging site. We chatted online at work for several weeks, and then one day as we were shutting down, he asked, “Can I have your number so we can finish this conversation offline?” My heart was racing! Your daddy called me that evening, and we talked on the phone for two hours.

He took me on our first date the following weekend, and I was a nervous wreck. What was I supposed to talk to a grown-up about? Luckily, we went to see a movie and then went and got ice cream afterward. We had a great connection, and conversation was natural and easy. I was so excited when he held my hand at the end of the movie, and then when he kissed me goodnight, I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest. I had all the butterflies.

I was done.

Soon after we NOLA for LSU Sugar Bowl

So, Connor and Parker, if I can give you some advice about dating and marriage, I would tell you this — don’t jump to conclusions. If your Daddy had just read about me online or heard about me through some friends, he would have passed me up. I’m certain of it.

On paper, we were very different. I was a born and raised Southern Baptist who loved country music and didn’t know the difference between domestic and imported beer. Or even that there were more options for alcohol beyond a frozen fruity drink. Your Daddy has always bled purple and gold, loved hard-core rock music, and would stay out until all hours of the night at various bars having fun with his friends.

When it’s your turn to find someone, put your jump-to-conclusions mat away, and get to know them. Don’t assume they’re too old for you, or too religious for you, or whatever the difference may be. Take chances. Let your guard down. Don’t be too quick to judge. Pursue the one who challenges you and upholds you. And then cherish her everyday of your life. Trust me on this one.

I hope you both have a love story one day that is simply beautiful. I’m already praying this for both of you.



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Originally from Louisiana, Brittney has called Houston home for nearly all her life. Brittney graduated from Houston Baptist University where she was a member of Phi Mu and a four-year cheerleader. It didn’t take long after graduation for her to meet her husband Jeremy on the sand volleyball courts at Memorial Park. She jokes that when marrying Jeremy, she also married LSU because she tied the knot with the most passionate Tiger football fan. Many weekends in the fall, they can be found in the shadows of Tiger Stadium at their big family tailgating party. Brittney has a Master's Degree from LSU and works in secondary education as an administrator and a cheerleading coach. Brittney and Jeremy have three boys, Connor {Nov 2012}, Parker {Nov 2014}, and Ryan {May 2018}. Brittney is a big baby-making, food allergy fighting, NICU surviving mom. Though she grew up surrounded by hairbows, pom poms, and lots of pink, Brittney now embraces being a boy mom. She loves raising her three boys and learning all about superheroes, baseball, and the pain of stepping on a lego when barefoot. In her kid-free time she enjoys working on craft projects, getting lost in a good book, and watching Grey's Anatomy.


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