Why You Should Outsource the Chore of Cleaning the Dirtiest Item You Own

As a mom of three kids, my to-do list is never ending. In addition to keeping my little people alive, fed and reasonably happy, there’s laundry, grocery shopping, more laundry, and once in awhile, wiping sticky fingerprints off the windows. I definitely prioritize my tasks: : if the grocery shopping doesn’t get done, we don’t eat. But if several weeks pass and the floor doesn’t get mopped or the sheets changed…we’ll survive. However, there are certain tasks that, to be honest, I’m just not going to do. I’m happy to outsource things like lawn care, car detailing, and a twice a year deep clean of the house. So when I found out that I can pay for a service to do possibly the grossest chore I can think of- cleaning my outside trash can– I couldn’t sign up fast enough. 

Seriously though, is there any item that you own that is nastier than the trash can that you set out on the curb twice a week? I just hold my nose and try not to gag every time I open the lid to that thing. Sure, I could clean it myself. But awkwardly trying to scrub months of grime and get rid of the smell of the trash of a family with two kids still in diapers? Not going to happen. 

Why You Should Outsource the Chore of Cleaning the Dirtiest Item You Own | Houston Moms Blog

Thankfully, Blast Trash Can Cleaners will now be doing the {literal} dirty work for me. Blast is an eco-conscious trash and recycling can cleaning company based in Houston. When you make an appointment with Blast, they send a truck to your home on the same day as your trash pick-up. Your can is lifted onto their truck and sprayed with an extreme blast of 190° water. This blasts away bacteria, viruses, food, and all other nastiness that lurks in the can. The dirty water is then collected in the truck, not poured back on the street. When the washing is complete, your sparkling clean {and great smelling} trash can is then rolled up the driveway, not left out on the street. The whole process takes just a few minutes, and you don’t even have to be home when Blast comes to clean your can!

Why You Should Outsource the Chore of Cleaning the Dirtiest Item You Own | Houston Moms Blog

In case you still need some convincing that you need Blast Trash Can Cleaners in your life, check your gag reflex and compare the Before and After pictures of my trash can ::


I know that you are now thoroughly horrified that you’ve never had your outside trash can cleaned and disinfected, and are convinced you need Blast Trash Can Cleaners at your home ASAP. Thankfully, it’s incredibly easy to schedule your first cleaning through their website. Blast offers affordable one-time cleanings or yearly rates. They send text and email reminders the day before your scheduled cleaning so you can be sure to leave your can outside. 

 I am a firm believer that if a task is affordable to outsource, it is well worth the money to do so. No one needs to take precious time away from their family to scrub a germ-infested trash can, when there is an easy, affordable alternative like Blast Trash Can Cleaners. I am a believer!

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