Parenting Podcast Roundup + Introducing The Cold Coffee Club {HMB’s New Podcast}

Parenting Podcast Roundup + Introducing The Cold Coffee Club {HMB's New Podcast} | Houston Moms Blog

In this fast paced world of parenting, online communities can be a place of support and camaraderie for many moms {and dads}. Podcasts are just one facet of that community. Whether you are looking for advice on a specific issue, need a laugh, or are searching for someone whose toddler has also just repeated their parent’s expletive of choice so you know you aren’t alone, parenting podcasts can be a lifeboat in what sometimes feels like the endless ocean that is parenting.

But who has time to research a bunch of podcasts, much less listen to them all to decide which ones you like. Enter, Houston Mom’s Blog! We’ve rounded up a variety of parenting podcasts below designed to get you started. Take a look, and get listening!

When You Feel Like You Need More Parent Friends in Your Life 


Run Time :: 30 ish min

Hosted by Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner, the creators of the “Cool Mom Picks” website. They discuss a parenting topic each episode, and often have a special guest. Topics include things like organizing, preparing for back to school, how to be a happier parent, and parenting and social media.

Why it’s great :: Topics are relevant to modern parenting, and include useful tips and resources for parents. Also their corresponding website is a great resource.

What might turn you off :: The focus is usually on issues for parents of elementary aged or older children, so those with little bitties may not be interested.

Totally Mommy

Run Time :: 60 min

Writer and podcaster Elizabeth Laime and a fellow mom guest talk about their “Good, Bad, and Funny” moments in parenting, and then answer listener questions. Topics range from birth stories to toddler eating struggles, to general parenting conundrums.

Why it’s great :: Is full of down to earth feedback, experiences, and conversations from real life moms.

What might turn you off :: The focus is mostly on pregnancy and young children, so may not be a good fit for parents with older children. Also this podcast is no longer making new episodes.

One Bad Mother

Run Time :: 60 ish min

Comedians Biz Ellis and Teresa Thorn share their genius and fail moments of parenting, and have a lot of laughs about the messiness of being moms.

Why it’s great :: The hosts are fun and don’t take things too seriously. It makes you feel better about yourself as a parent, or commiserate if you are having a hard day.

What might turn you off :: Biz’s voice may be hard to listen to for some people.

Hey Dad

Run Time :: 30-45 min

Three brothers and their buddy talk about dad issues and crack a lot of jokes. Topics include family photos, friendships, road trips, and technology.

Why it’s great :: Gives perspective to the modern dad, and helps moms get in the heads of dads

What might turn you off :: Sometimes strays off topic, and with four hosts can get confusing about who is talking

The Mom Hour

Run Time :: 60 min

Hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have a weekly conversation with practical tips and encouragement from real life moms, for real life moms. A down to earth and real time, like chatting with your girlfriends. Topics include feeding families, divorce, self care, and mom communities.

Why it’s great :: The hosts have eight children between them with a variety of ages, so they explore things that apply from toddlers to teens.

What might turn you off :: They are not experts, just regular ole moms, so if you are looking for expert advice, this isn’t the place.

When You Feel Like Mulling Over the Deeper Parts of Life

What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood

Run Time :: 45 min

Comedians and writers Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson tackle the “sticky bits” of parenting. Topics include friends without kids, gender differences in parenting, working vs. at home moms, and kid friend breakups.

Why it’s great :: Addresses the hot topics we all think about, from working mom guilt, to over the top dad credit.

What might turn you off :: Sticky topics can breed controversy, and while the hosts are experienced parents, they are not professional experts, so their opinions can sometimes seem misinformed.

The Longest Shortest Time

Run Time :: 30-50 min

Hosted by Hilary Frank and Andrea Silenzi, and features stories surrounding the parenting experience in an NPR “This American Life” style of storytelling. Topics include births, family size, parenting while transgendered, and infertility.

Why it’s great :: Puts you in the shoes and the lives of other parents and experiences through storytelling.

What might turn you off :: Some topics may be controversial, like extra marital affairs, genetic testing, etc.


Run Time :: 20 min- 70 min

Host Joshua David Stein, editor of the website Fatherly, interviews famous and notable fathers and goes deeper into a specific parenting issue on each episode.

Why it’s great :: Explores the deep topics of fatherhood and parenting.

What might turn you off :: Heavier topics can be hard to get into if you are into podcasts more for light entertainment.

The One in a Million Baby

Run Time :: 30 min- 60 min

Host Tressa Prebble tells the stories of parents and children in the position of having a child with special needs, and how they navigate and cope with it.

Why it’s great :: Gives insight and education into parenting children with a variety of special needs.

What might turn you off :: While some of the needs are general, like learning disabilities, some are very specific, like Schinzel Giedion syndrome.

When You Want to Learn Something New


Run Time :: 6 min-20 min

Janet Lansbury answers questions about common issues in parenting from a “respectful parenting” lens.

Why it’s great :: Addresses specific issues you may be dealing with your kids in easy to digest short episodes. Great for parents with very little listening time.

What might turn you off :: Tends to focus on younger children, and the tone can seem judgemental or condescending at times depending on the head space you are in.

Modern Dads Podcast by City Dad’s Group

Run Time :: 30 min

Host Matt Schneider, co-founder of City Dad’s Group, interviews parenting experts and a variety of dads on modern topics of parenting.

Why it’s great :: Explores relevant topics to modern parenting, and features a variety of perspectives from all kinds of dads and sometimes moms.

What might turn you off :: Some overlap on guests and topics with the podcast Spawned, so may be repeated information if you listen to both. 

Honestly Adoption Podcast

Run Time :: 30 min

Mike and Kristin Berry, adoptive parents and bloggers, tackle common issues for adoptive and foster parents like sensory needs, school challenges, community support, etc.

Why it’s great :: Addresses the challenges and issues specific to parenting children through adoption and foster care.

What might turn you off:: A lot of the topics seem to be geared toward foster care and children who were adopted from foster care, so may not be applicable to all adoptive parents.

The Boob Group

Run Time :: 45 min

A group of moms discuss all things breastfeeding. Topics include nutrition tips, pumping at work, sleep while breastfeeding, and milk supply.

Why it’s great :: A wide variety of topics around breastfeeding are explored.

What might turn you off :: This is a specific topic that may not apply to all moms or parents.

Little Sprigs

Run Time :: 20-60 min

Host Christian Perez interviews experts and authors on mindful, conscious parenting strategies. Topics include conscious parenting, parenting without power struggles, and how to handle big emotions.

Why it’s great :: Gives new ideas of how to connect with your kids.

What might turn you off :: Could be a little crunchy depending on your taste.

the cold coffee club :: A Houston Moms Blog Podcast

Run Time :: 30-45 min

Hosted by co owner of Houston Moms Blog, Meagan Clanahan and produced by contributor Emily Feinstein, we explore hot topics for Houston moms including parenting styles, infertility, and more.

Why it’s great :: It was created with YOU, our dear reader, in mind. We want to go beyond the blog posts to encourage and equip you in this Houston mom parenting journey. We will have some laughs too!

What might turn you off :: Not a thing. Grin.

Coming November 2018…stay tuned!

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