Play Date at Young Leaders Campus {Recap}

Please Note :: This play date was made possible by all of our gracious event sponsors. Thank you to Young Leaders Campus for hosting such a special event, thank you to Lakeshore Learning for the fabulous arts and craft supplies, and a special thanks to the talented Momma’s Gonna SNAP Photography for capturing the entire morning in all it’s glory.

Play date days have quickly become one of our very favorite days out of the whole entire month here at Houston Moms Blog.  I mean, who wouldn’t love 50 little ones all getting together to giggle and play while their moms have a chance to meet and connect?  And our most recent play date at Young Leaders Campus – Vintage Park was the perfect opportunity for just that!

Young Leaders Campus 1

As soon as you walk in the door, the vibrant colors and fun artwork draws your kiddos in, and with so. much. to. do. – they will NEVER want to leave!  Thankfully, we broke our play date into three different rotations so that the kids could explore and play in a semi-organized fashion.  And even more thankfully, we had our dear friend Momma’s Gonna SNAP there to take pictures as our little busy-bodies kept us on our toes.  {Have you connected with her on her Facebook page yet?  You really should, especially since holiday picture time is upon us!}

Young Leaders Campus 2

Fitness Fundamentals :: The staff at Young Leaders Campus had the most perfect obstacle course all laid out throughout the entire gym area.  They had noodles to crawl under and basketball hoops to toss balls in and scooters to maneuver around on.  However, after a time or two on the course – our sweet little ones became like bulls in a china shop and just wanted to get their hands on EVERYTHING!  The sweet teacher who was leading the class did like any good early childhood professional would do and kindly followed their lead and played right alongside them – all while us moms tried to keep up.

Young Leaders Campus 3

Creative Expressions :: In the dedicated art studio, our little ones were really able to let their creativity run wild!  Lakeshore Learning had kindly sent over tons and TONS of fun art supplies that were laid out on each of the tables for our kids to create and draw with.  We had coloring pages and mini journals and dot markers and rainbow scratch paper and stickers galore!  It was so special to watch each child create their own personal masterpiece and really feed their artistic abilities, and I have a feeling lots of moms will be hitting up the Lakeshore store for some materials to stock up their own arts and crafts cabinets too!

Young Leaders Campus 4

Cooking School :: With so much playing and creating, all of the kiddos definitely worked up an appetite – and the cooking school was the perfect setting to grab a quick bite to eat!  But first…they had to “cook” it!  Both the little ones and the moms had so much fun in YLC’s state of the art kitchen.  Each child was able to climb right up to the table on their own handy-dandy step stool, and they loved being able to follow the recipe to make their own batch of sweet and salty trail mix.  It was definitely a beginner’s recipe, but word on the street is that the students at Young Leaders whip up some pretty tasty treats!

Young Leaders Campus 5

Overall, it was such a joyous morning – and an incredible opportunity to check out all that Young Leaders Campus -Vintage Park has to offer!  As we were wrapping things up, I overheard lots of moms asking about their preschool program, as well as all of their enrichment and studio classes too.  Basically, the children all had so much fun…that us moms were searching for a way to never let it end!

Thank you to all of the sponsors, all of the kiddos, and all of YOU for joining us for another fabulous play date.  These events would definitely not be the same without each and every one of you!  Oh, and a little head’s up…  We are announcing two more exciting events very, VERY soon!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you don’t miss the next play date announcement that is going live on Thursday evening at 7pm.  And if you haven’t joined our 1st Birthday Bash event page on Facebook, we STRONGLY encourage you to do so.  {Hint :: We may or may not be having a flash giveaway for tickets before you can buy them Sunday night!}  This play date sold out in under five hours, and we just know these upcoming events will go quick too!

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  1. I saw this when Young Leaders reposted on their facebook.

    If you are considering YLC for your child: as parents with two children attending (18 months and 3 years) we highly recommend it. We tried a few “day care” centers that claimed to be focused on education with our first child before Young Leaders moved into the Vintage, and started our son there a few days a week to start. It was less than a month before he started crying anytime we went to drop him at his old day care, wanting to go to “school” instead.

    As Young Leaders has matured, the programs offered have expanded – allowing us to put both boys into a full-time, fun, educational environment – or as we tell people who ask; it is a SCHOOL, not just another day care.


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