Because Everyone Loves a Pretty Perfect Package

If you’re like me, the kids and I are going from one birthday party to the next on the weekends. I often find myself ordering something on a Wednesday and crossing my fingers that the gift arrives just in time by Saturday via Amazon Prime. Then, I toss that gift {sometimes still in its plastic wrap} into a recycled gift bag that’s in my closet with recycled tissue paper, and then I hope that the person who gifted that bag to me isn’t at that same birthday party. Oh, and whoops, I forgot a birthday card. Oh well, writing on the tissue paper should suffice, right?

The perfectionist in me longs to take it back to the old school and give unique boutique-like gifts that are given in actual boxes, but the pragmatist screams, “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!” and pushes the Buy Now {with one click} button on my Amazon app.

With my recent return back to work full-time, putting our house on the market and keeping it spotless, chasing after my 2 under 2, and just life in general {yes, please play the world’s smallest violin for me}, I realized my little girl’s birthday was just around the corner … and I hadn’t gotten her gift yet. Luckily, I heard about our sponsors at Pretty Perfect Packages just in time for her birthday. They’re a Dallas-area local business and are proof that not everything from Dallas sucks. {Y’all get the Houston/Dallas rivalry.}

These ladies take the guesswork out of giving —  you guessed it —  Pretty Perfect Packages. There’s options for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and maybe just because you want to surprise your BFF for being amazing everyday.  And, it’s not limited to just the ladies and babies. Pretty Perfect Packages has you covered when it comes to spoiling the men in your life :: from the husband to the little boy.  

Because Everyone Loves a Pretty Perfect Package | Houston Moms Blog

I chose “The Magical Pony” gift bundle, and it was a big hit for both mom and toddler. I’m a sucker for packaging, and this particular Pretty Perfect Package did not fail to please. The items in the gift box were unique and cannot be found at your typical retailer.

Because Everyone Loves a Pretty Perfect Package | Houston Moms Blog

Also, these ladies clearly know how to keep it simple for the kiddos. You will always win-over a little girl’s heart with a huge squishy animal.

Because Everyone Loves a Pretty Perfect Package | Houston Moms Blog

There were so many special packages available, including some for Father’s Day, so I look forward to checking them out again! And if you want to give them a peek and place an order…or three, I strongly suggest you visit their website and connect with them on social media too.  {Warning :: You just might get hooked like me though!}

Because Everyone Loves a Pretty Perfect Package | Houston Moms Blog
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Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are proudly my own!

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