Quick and Easy At-Home Activities for Younger Kids

It’s not easy being stuck at home with younger kids. We’ve got you covered with some quick, easy at-home activities for younger kids to help get you through this time.

What a crazy last few weeks this has been, am I right?! My current state of emotions can be likened to a snow globe that’s been snatched up and shaken around wildly. So, if you’re feeling worried, tense or anxious, know that you are not alone! 

My bachelor’s and master’s degrees are both in education and I taught kindergarten for many, many years before hanging up my teaching boots. Even so, I felt nervous about taking over the reins of my child’s academic education so abruptly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, after taking a few days to assess the situation, I realized I can do this. WE can do this. So, it is my hope that this post will empower you and give you some quick, engaging, and easy to implement ideas that you begin using right away.

It has been super heartwarming over the last few weeks to see everyone band together to make being at home on quarantine not only manageable, but FUN. Finding a new routine and rhythm has been key to surviving this time at home. Here are some of my go-to internet required ideas {more appropriate for the younger crowd}::

Quick and Easy At-Home Activities for Younger Kids

  1. Lunch Doodles with Mo– my kids love pretty much every book Mr. Willems has ever written. Here, he invites you into his studio to doodle, draw, and create with him. 
  2. Cosmic Kids Yoga– exercising made fun with yoga adventures! Kids LOVE doing this! 
  3. GoNoodle– brain breaks have never been more exciting. Let your child relax and dance for a bit to blow some steam off. 
  4. Learn at Home with Scholastic– everyone has heard of Scholastic before, and the editors here have really gone out of their way to make learning every day possible for children. Click on your child’s grade level then scroll down for daily activities.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t want to spend a ton of money buying supplies during lockdown. No problem, I’ve got you covered! Everyday items around the house can be transformed into teaching tools, too. Here’s my list of favorites::  

  1. Caitlin over at themamanotes.com shares her favorite homebound activities here. The ice cube play activity is always a guaranteed hit around my house. 
  2. Got some future scientists in the house? The experiments listed here using ingredients you can find around the house are sure to get them excited. I know I can’t wait to try the baking soda/colors experiment myself! 
  3. Finally, “Hello, Wonderful” has put together a wonderful list of indoor activities using household materials you probably already have sitting around. Click here to access. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes you just need a quick activity for your kids to do while you’re getting dinner ready. Here are my top 5::

Quick and Easy At-Home Activities for Younger Kids

  1. Stacking and building with {red Solo} cups- these cups can be lifesavers in more ways than one {ha ha}. Give your kiddos some cups, a few action figures, and some thick sheets of cardstock. Bam! Building challenge accepted. 
  2. Ice excavation- freeze toys, balloons, balls, dinosaurs… pretty much anything you want and can think of in a bowl of ice overnight. Let your kids use medicine droppers, play shovels, or turkey basters to uncover their “treasures” the next day. This activity is water play and fine motor development all rolled into one. 
  3. Provide kids with measuring tape. Have them measure the area of each room in the house. Valuable life skill and math practice- check!
  4. Invite your children into the kitchen with you. Practice math skills by measuring quantities and/or converting quantities from imperial {US} to metric {standard elsewhere}. 
  5. Shaving cream. Yes, shaving cream. It actually will clean a table and kids can do so much with it. Have them write names, letters, numbers, etc. The sky’s the limit!

Hope this post and these at-home activities helps you make it through the week! Thinking of all you mamas out there. You are stronger than you think. You are stronger than you know. We got this!!

Additional Resources::

  • If you’re on Instagram, here are some fab people to follow for more at-home activities:: @mamaknowsbestactivities, @themamanotes, @busytoddler, @literacyenrichmentandplay, and @7daysofplay. 

Need more quarantine resources? Check out Houston Moms’ Ultimate Guide to Quarantine Resources! 

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