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We have partnered with Real Simple Energy for this post, but the words and thoughts are all our own.

We are right around the time of the year that I switch from the heater to the a/c daily AND am leaving the lights on longer to get stuff done. My husband monitors our energy usage, so he gets frustrated and it inevitably leads to a huge fight. The biggest problems are that we know we are overpaying for our service, what with the hidden fees and such. In fact, people who live in houses overpay by an average of $500 per year and people in apartments overpay by about $300 per year? According to government data, 96 percent of people in Texas are overpaying for electricity and don’t realize it. 

Houston Moms Blog "Saving Money with Real Simple Energy" #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

So, we decided to do something about it and researched what could help our pocketbooks. I found Real Simple Energy and was super curious about if this website could do what it claimed it could do:: lower our electricity bill. 


I’m going to be fully honest right now and say that I don’t know anything about electricity. If there was a scale of “I know everything” and “I know nothing” about electricity, how it works, or even how we are billed for it, my position would firmly be as close to the “I know nothing” camp. It’s probably a major fault of my own, but in the beginning of our marriage, my husband made that his job and I’m out. 

I’m sure that is somewhat how Trent Crow and Paul Paras felt when they launched Real Simple Energy in 2018. In fact, Trent found it super confusing and frustrating to understand retail electricity prices so they decided to do something about it. They created Real Simple Energy to fix that confusion and pull all the best electricity plans being sold in Texas on a daily basis into an easy-to-use website. Based on your home and energy usage, they find the best price for you. 

So, I signed in and uploaded my most recent electricity bill. It was super easy. They got back to me within the next half hour with a detailed plan comparison showing how much I could save. 

I could not have sent it to my husband any faster. I mean, I was so excited that I found a way to save money. I get enough grief about how much money I spend at Costco and Target that I was excited to brag about saving us money. 

We found, as homeowners, that the Fixed Rate plan, available on a 6 or 12 month contract, worked best for us. They also have a Fixed Bill Plan, for a 6 month contract, where where you get a fixed price for electricity every month and don’t have to worry about it going up or down. If you use less energy than the plan you signed up for, you are eligible for up to 20 percent credit back on your first month of renewal.  We decided to try it out for to see how we liked it. 

So far its going really great. You get one bill from Real Simple Energy with their fee included and then the provider’s invoice attached. The service costs $9 a month for Real Simple Energy’s service in which they manage our account on a monthly basis, including bill audits, on-time bill pay, and always renewing our account with the best available plan on the market (completely worth it).  

If you would like to know how much you’ll save compared to your current plan, Real Simple Energy can conduct a bill comparison to show you how much you will save. Once you sign up, Real Simple Energy automatically signs you up for the lowest priced contract IN the market. It’s that easy.

Real Simple Energy has our back. We trust them and appreciate getting one consolidated bill. It doesn’t matter who our energy provider is with RSE behind us. Their service & technology platform allow us to live a more efficient lifestyle too…at least when it comes to our energy bills! Not only can I brag about saving money, this plan is totally worth it to lower the number of fights that happen in my house when I lower the AC. 

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Houston Moms Blog "Saving Money with Real Simple Energy" #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

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