Remember When

I treated me and Addy to a trip to Half Price books the other day.  We walked in, and I audibly shrieked and started shoving notebooks in the basket.

Lisa Frank is back y’all!

Maybe it’s because Addy is 3 or maybe it’s because she was born 30 years after me, but she was largely unphased by the large eyed kitty and colorful background of the spiral I bought her.  Fortunately, the cashier was.

And I know that my threenager is already thinking I’m a bit lame, but I’m sad about how she will grow up and not know the joys of my childhood.  I mean yay for seatbelts and pouches and WiFi or whatever…but what about ::

  • Sending paper notes to your friends
  • This S


  • Fortune tellers, M.A.S.H.
  • Television actually ending broadcasts at night. {On Saturdays I would foolishly stay up watching Tales From the Darkside; then, I was unable to go to bed when TV went straight fuzz.}
  • Nickelodeon was full of awesomeness like Hey Dude!, All That, and The Secret World of Alex Mack
  • MTV showing videos, Nirvana, the first UNplugged session, Dan Cortez sports, Jon Stewart as a VJ, Kurt Loder, Biggie vs Tupac beef
  • When the only breaking news was a shuttle blasting off, Michael Jackson premiering a video, or something or another with OJ Simpson
  • Astroworld Season Passes
  • Blockbuster Video
  • Rolling down a window by hand {Who else still makes that motion when you need to talk to someone in the car next to you???}
  • Actually having one key for the car doors and a separate key for the trunk
  • Payphones –  and having to keep change on you so you could call your mom to pick you up from the AMC in Meyer Park
  • House phones…WITH TANGLED CORDS!
  • Looking at the Caller ID box for several rings before picking up
  • That modem noise
  • AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” {because once upon a time it was awesome to get email}
  • Having to get offline because your mom needed to use the phone
  • VHS tapes, cassette tapes, film, floppy disks
  • Number Munchers, Oregon Trail, Mavis Beacon
  • Tamagotchi
  • Blowing a Nintendo cartridge when the game didn’t work
  • Cheating on Nintendo PowerPad by kneeling down and pounding it with your fist
  • Walkmans…then Discmans
  • Not having everything documented online
Remember When post
Yes, that is my Johnston Middle School 1995 yearbook!

I mean, could you imagine your kids having to go a week without WiFi let alone live through the 90’s?!

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    • i won’t divulge how much of my lunch break went into folding pieces of paper at my desk. printer paper has nothing on torn out spiral sheets!

  1. Have we ever discussed that Johnston Middle School is basically in my backyard?!?! If you and Addy are ever in the old hood, let’s go get a snoball from honeys in the old westbury square parking lot.

    Also…I loved every single bullet point in that post.


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