The Resilience of Houston Moms :: Remembering Hurricane Harvey

It’s been a year since Hurricane Harvey devastated the city of Houston. There are countless stories of tragedy, bravery, and healing, and all these stories need to be told and remembered. Today, we are featuring two stories from Houston moms who overcame tremendous obstacles and displayed amazing resilience during and after the storm. 

Nicole’s Story :: 

The Resilience of Houston Moms:: Remembering Hurricane Harvey | Houston Moms Blog

Is there a more joyous moment in a mom’s life than arriving home from the hospital with your baby to start your life together as a family? Imagine holding your newborn twins in the hospital and receiving the news your house is flooded and you will not be going home. Then, around the same time, picture receiving a phone call from your parents that they must evacuate your two older children from their home by boat due to water rising and loss of power. Imagine as a mom not being able to be there with them.

The Resilience of Houston Moms:: Remembering Hurricane Harvey | Houston Moms Blog

Even today, I don’t think I could have predicted that I would have been able to survive taking my newborn twins, husband, and two other children to live in a FEMA appointed hotel for the next two months, but I did. I didn’t think I would have been able to survive the day in and day out of rebuilding a home and the amount of stress {emotional and financial} that put on all of us, but we did. And I would have never predicted that my kids were the most resilient people out of all of us and still ask every now and then if we can go back to the hotel and stay there again.

The Resilience of Houston Moms:: Remembering Hurricane Harvey | Houston Moms Blog

You think you know what a “village” is, but until a tragedy like this strikes you have NO idea. A big warm blanket was wrapped around me by anyone and everyone. We received meals, baby items, hugs, extra hands, help with demo and cleanup, lemonade stands, and round the clock coordination of help. I will never be able to express my gratitude and still feel overwhelmed by how blessed we were to be helped by so many. I also learned that there is no one stronger than this mama right here. If I can rock it in a LaQuinta with kids needing dinner {with no kitchen} and homework and packing lunches from a mini fridge while breastfeeding twins that only slept sometimes, I can do ANYTHING!

Lori’s Story :: 

The Resilience of Houston Moms:: Remembering Hurricane Harvey | Houston Moms Blog

I had slept only about an hour, and started the day off accepting that there were about 8 inches of water in our home.  I had a voicemail from two of my dearest friends, Amy and Eddie, but I hadn’t listened to it yet. Jason looked out the window of my neighbors’ home where we were staying and saw a rescue boat a few houses down.  He told the men on the boat that he had a baby, a dog, and a pregnant wife, and they offered to take us down Jones Road toward Louetta to dry land. 

I listened to Amy’s voice message and the concern in her voice brought tears to my eyes.  I called her back and she and Eddie left immediately and made it safely to where the boat could drop us off to meet them. I know the impeccable timing of these events was the work of God! Jason and I scrambled to pack up our things and get on the boat. As I watched these selfless men provide a life vest for Blane and get him, Jason and our dog on the boat,  I was overcome with emotion and I could not hold back tears. The men helped me get on the boat, we stopped to get one more family, and we were on our way. 

The Resilience of Houston Moms:: Remembering Hurricane Harvey | Houston Moms Blog

I looked back and saw my neighbor kneeling in prayer for us. I continued to cry. My tears were of sadness, as we left behind our home not knowing when we would return and what would be left. But more so, they were tears of gratitude. Gratitude for our neighbors’ kindness and powerful prayers, gratitude for our rescuers, and gratitude for Amy and Eddie coming to get us and opening up their home to us.

As we got off the boat, they helped get the life vest off of Blane, unload our dog and our belongings, and went on their way to rescue others. As I anxiously looked for Amy and Eddie, we were welcomed by men and women ready to provide us with information regarding near-by shelters, if needed. I later found out one of the guys took a selfie with Jason and Blane. He wanted to show his wife why he was doing this. I wish I knew the names of each of these brave, selfless men so that I could express my gratitude to each of them. I’ve seen rescues like this on TV, but never did I imagine the poweful impact today’s rescue would have on me. If we could all be an ounce as selfless and caring as these men were,  our world could be a much better place. 


  1. Nicole, I didn’t mention it in my story, but I was pregnant with twins at the time. We were still displaced when they came home in December. It was tough, but we both have healthy, beautiful families! Blessings to y’all!


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