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I was privy to a conversation the other day regarding the hiring of Mothers. I didn’t like what I was hearing, my abrasive, butting-in side took over, and I quickly gave them a sweet but firm, “HEY, HEY, HEY, GUYS!” They laughed, put themselves back on the PC train, and assured me that I was a great mother/worker. But it got me thinking, other than the obvious 3 month maternity leave, I’m not sure why the thought of “hiring women of childbearing age” makes the managers club shake in their shiny black shoes/pumps. I personally think Mothers rule the world. They can and will juggle anything thrown at them and still manage to get their kids fed, bathed, and to bed each night. They will power through everything and anything to make sure their children feel loved. They can improvise on a dime. They teach, mold, manage, advocate, and protect their families. DO I NEED TO KEEP GOING? My own boss {who is a mother} and I are always commenting on the fact that the mothering skills we perfect at home, translate beautifully in the office.  So for the sake of mother’s everywhere, I’ve gone ahead and done you the service of turning those skills into a resume builder. Have at it!

Resume Builder Mom Version

:: Proficient in Multi-Tasking :: Does this even need an explanation? I would hope someone at Webster added multi-tasking to the definition of ‘mother’ at some point a few years back. Nursing a baby while searching under the couch with your foot for the U-Verse remote so you can turn on “Dora Mermaid” for the 11th time this week. Pumping while commuting to work. {Only a mother worth her weight in liquid gold breast-milk would excite in the efficiency of that!} Cooking dinner while powering through the witching hour with twin 4 month olds, only a mother. Any and all things related to grocery shopping with 1+ children. Or wait, basically any and all things related to leaving the house with 1+ children.

Resume Builder Mom Version (2)Red beans and rice PLUS twins!

:: Crisis Management Specialist :: HELLO. The “All Princesses” nightgown is sitting in the washing machine 3 days dirtier than you ever should have let it get? Slap some princess stickers on the plain-jane Target jammies you once tried to sneak in rotation. BAM. No place to put the blowout diaper in the Nordy’s dressing room? Chug your Starbucks, and your red cup becomes an instant mini diaper genie. DANG. A certain one year is old is screaming bloody murder while you try to eeek out a crossfit workout in the 1 hour of time you have allotted for yourself all week? Push them in the BOB and increase your resistance. WINNING.

Resume Builder Mom Version (3)My amazing friend Kaley handling business!

:: Expert Contract Negotiator :: Like you’ve never sold a two year old on a banana as being a “special treat.” Like you’ve never negotiated a trip to the bathroom with a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup in your hand. Like you’ve never reduced “10 more minutes” into 2 minutes without them even knowing. Like you don’t already buy Mots Tots and then water it down even more when little people are begging for JUICY! Like you don’t use your phone/tablet as terms of the agreement on a daily basis.

Resume Builder Mom Version (1)Take my list, I’ll buy you the Dora book, just stay sitting down!

:: Financial and Budget Management :: Every mother I know has an uncanny way of making it all fit into a budget that never quite feels like enough. Mothers can reach into an empty fridge and come out with a healthy, well-balanced, organic, farm to table, paleo, gluten and dye free meal. They hand out popcicles instead of turning down the air and throw on blankets and socks instead of kicking up the heat. Mothers also have the biggest trick up their sleeves – they don’t mind going without so that their littles can have all their dreams come true.

:: Conflict Resolution :: Regardless of how many time we’ve read ‘Llama Llama Likes To Share’ to those sweet darling offspring of ours, we all know anyone between the age of 18m and 25 doesn’t really enjoy sharing or taking turns or basically doing anything they “don’t wanna.” The initial nags and repetitive corrections soon give way to creative resolutions passed along the mouths of mothers from playgroup to playgroup, generation to generation. Mothers have perfected the drill – count to ten and then it’s your turn/look at this new exciting toy over here/come be my special helper/okay fine, I’m taking it away and no one will play with it. It’s not just the words, its a delicate skill that mothers have earned, the perfect pitch and inflection can make any employee toddler fall right in line.

I know the above is somewhat satirical, but there are some absolutes we learn as being mothers that can be applied to many aspects {work included!} and relationships within our lives. We change once we become mothers, we view the world differently, we treat people differently, and we really learn what “I love you more than you’ll ever know” actually means. We strive to be the best versions of ourselves so those we are managing {in whatever job we are referring to} will live up to their own potential. We learn to appreciate the differences in individuals and that our “employees” have different learning styles and are motivated in different ways. We learn to ask for guidance, we learn that we don’t always have the right answer, and we learn that tucking our pride away and asking for help when we are in over our heads is just fine. I am proud of these characteristics and feel they far outweigh those 12 weeks {x2} of leave I’ve taken.

Now go bulk up your resume, you can thank me later. And, like I said, Mothers rule the world. So honored to be part of the club!

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