How Revolution Math is Revolutionizing Tutoring

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Having all my kids in school is great, but challenging. They each have different strengths and different struggles, and they all have different needs and {{OMG}} the homework. For the most part, my children like school and can keep up with their studies. However, my second grader told me for the first time this year that she doesn’t like math. I never liked math — still don’t, if I’m being completely honest, so that makes me little to no help at all. I was not sure if she needed tutoring, a pep-talk, or something else. I decided to wait and see how the year progressed. Soon after, as if serendipitously, I was then given the opportunity to check out Revolution Math.

How Revolution Math is Revolutionizing Online Tutoring | Houston Moms Blog

Revolution Math is a fun, interactive, and engaging way to help students improve their math and critical thinking skills for one hour every week in an online interactive classroom.  Designed for students in grades 2-5, Revolution Math pairs students with 2-3 other students and a dedicated math teacher into small learning squads. Professional teachers introduce concepts several weeks in advance of schools, helping to build confidence and familiarity with math and alleviating some of the aggravation with homework! 

It was quite easy to sign up on their website for a free trial month of online tutoring. You can select days/times that work with you and your child’s schedule, and the programs are designed by grade level. After signing up, but before the lessons begin, your child will receive a box of goodies, including a brain shaped stress ball, Revolution Math pen, and a workbook to use for the month.

My daughter was immediately thrilled about the chance to “play” on the iPad and learn with kids her own age. Below are a few of her thoughts on the program:

“I love Revolution Math. I have so much fun with my instructor and being able to do all the missions. I know it’s supposed to be tutoring, but it is more fun than regular learning. It is really cool because you win prizes for completing missions.”

How Revolution Math is Revolutionizing Online Tutoring | Houston Moms Blog

As for me, I’m happy with her experience, and the results we’ve had are undeniable. Here’s why we love it:


With all the time we spend shuffling back and forth to school and extra-curricular activities, it is amazing to have the tutoring available from the comfort of our own home. We would get her set up with the iPad,  then continue on with our day – no driving anywhere, and no cleaning the house because a tutor is coming over!

Cutting Edge

Though this is not directly related to math, I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with the concept of online, interactive tutoring. I keep thinking how nothing like this would have been possible even 15 years ago, yet here we are in an age where my daughter is able to connect with a skilled tutor plus her peers from all over the country to work together and learn. As someone who currently uses Zoom and Google Hangouts to meet with coworkers, I am thrilled that my daughter is already learning to virtually work together with others. 


After the first lesson, I knew we had found something that worked. I would encourage not only those who have a child struggling to check out Revolution Math, but even those who do okay – but maybe aren’t exactly crazy about math to give it a try as well. Since she began, she has said only positive things about math. Over the winter holiday, she had a small math worksheet to complete for school – I was bracing for an argument, but she gladly tackled her work. I can confidently say her experience with Revolution Math helped.

Ready to give Revolution Math a try? Click HERE to sign up for your FREE trial month too!

If you have any specific questions about Revolution Math, please reach out to their program director by email – micha[email protected] or by phone – (424) 320-3085.


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