Save Time and Money on Electricity Shopping with EnerGenie

We are proud to partner with EnerGenie to share with Houston moms how they can save both time and money when shopping for electricity.

Asian couple looking at a computer screenThis year, I have two main personal goals as the household manager of our family. One of my goals is to be more intentional about how I use my time and outsource tasks when and where I can. The second of my goals is to do better at budgeting and pay closer attention to where our money is going. With costs rising on everything from food and gas to kids’ activities, any money I can save our family is significant. In the past month, I’ve tackled our grocery budget. I am happy that I’m now saving time and money with careful online ordering and curbside pickup- no more impulse checkout purchases for me! Now, I’m focusing on getting our family the best deal on electricity for our home.

Taking the Stress Out of Shopping for Electricity

When it comes to energy companies and electricity, there are SO many choices out there, all with a plethora of options. Choosing the best plan can be overwhelming and stressful. The last thing I want to do as a busy mom is to spend hours researching rates and figuring out the best option for our family. Sometimes I wish I had an assistant to help me make sense of it all.

I was thrilled to discover that such an assistant actually exists! EnerGenie is Your Personal (Texas) Electricity Shopping Assistant. When you sign up for just $10/month, EnerGenie does the research for you, analyzing your electricity usage history as well as hundreds of electricity rates. Then, after running thousands of calculations, they predict which electricity rate will save you the most money. It’s like magic!

Once EnerGenie finds you the best rate, they sign you up and monitor your electricity account on your behalf. Then, when your contract electricity rate is about the expire, they automatically start looking for the next electricity rate that will best fit your family’s needs. Their goal is to keep you aware but save you the time of actually having to do any of the logistics of research or signing up for plans.

Avoiding Gimmicks

In addition to saving you time, EnerGenie could save you hundreds of dollars per year on your electricity bills. It’s easy to be wooed by gimmicky electricity rates that appear cheaper than they really are- and the Texas market is riddled with these. But in order to really save money, you have to find the best rate for your specific household, which isn’t necessarily what appears to be the best deal at first glance. EnerGenie’s detailed calculations helps you to avoid tricky rates and to find the best option for you.

Time and money: two things that often cause the most stress for families. We all want to be responsible and budget our money well, but often the time spent trying to research and implement those budgets is overwhelming. Thankfully, companies like EnerGenie offer services so moms can outsource that research and give us the gift of time to spend with our families.

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