Second Parent Adoption Stories {Ginger & Amber}


When I was around 20 weeks pregnant with twins, we contacted a local attorney’s office at the recommendation from another lesbian couple in the area. She was fantastic and outlined exactly what was involved with the process and the fees that would be accrued. From there, we also had to get a social worker to come out to our house for a home study – which felt very weird because it was as if she was interviewing us to be parents, regardless of the fact that this was something we had planned for and wanted for a very long time. But she assured us that it was just a formality and the court just required her recommendation, which she provided. We also had to get three personal recommendations for my partner, Amber. We chose her best friend, my best friend, and my mother.

Even though we live in Houston, the adoption took place in San Antonio because the courts there allow the parents’ attorney to appoint the attorney that stands on behalf of the children. So we got a hotel room and made it into a little mini-vacation, with my parents staying at the same hotel. That morning we arrived at the court and there were five other gay families receiving second parent adoption as well. It was such a joyful time – more like a celebration than a court proceeding!

After each adoption was complete, the whole court room stood and cheered for the family and took pictures with the judge. The judge told us that this day should be treated as a second birthday for the children and celebrated every year. Our adoption took place on August 1st when our twin boys were six months old. August 1st is also National Twin Day, so this will be a very important day for our family for the rest of our lives.


Even though Texas doesn’t allow gay marriage yet, I feel very secure that my partner is just as much legally our boys’ parent as I am.

In honor of Pride Month, we are dedicated to celebrating ALL moms and the challenges and obstacles some must face to enter into motherhood.  Our hope is that this series will enlighten you and inspire you, so please join us as real local moms open up and share their stories all day long.  To read more, please click here.

 11139912_10152901306118473_2022750386_nAbout Ginger

Ginger is a legal assistant at a law firm in downtown Houston. Her and her partner have been together for eleven years and live in Pearland with their two amazing, gorgeous, and mischievous twin toddler boys.


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