Shared Kids’ Rooms

Out of all the rooms in my house, decorating my girls’ nurseries has been the most fun. I am no expert designer, but all you really need is a Pinterest account and some motivation. Kids’ rooms just seem to open up so many more possibilities. You can bring in colors, themes, and patterns that you might not be able to incorporate into other rooms of the house.

My girls currently have separate rooms, but I would love for them to share a room one day. You know, one day when the little one isn’t waking up every 3 hours. Especially if we have a third baby down the road, we would need to make more space. There are certainly challenges to making a shared room work, but certainly lots of fun opportunities to turn it into a stylish and functional space too.

Some of you may be planning to have your kids share a room one day too. So to give us some ideas, here are three Houston moms who have shared their rooms with us. We have a boys’ room, a girls’ room, and a boy/girl room. I have asked them all to share their favorite part of the room and what the biggest challenge has been. Take a look!

Shared Kids' Rooms

Shared Boys’ Room

Erin‘s boys {ages 4.5 years and 6 months} share this adorable room that looks like something out of a magazine. Seriously, this girl is talented. What is not to love about this room? Practically everything in here is a DIY project she or her husband did. I love the color of the dresser and all the art on the wall. And the mobile is so original and creative!





Favorite Part ::  I’m rather in love with the color scheme and the touches of adventure throughout.  The paper airplane mobile and the pendant lamp are two of my favorite pieces.  I wanted to evoke feelings of grandeur and boyish fun without going overboard and overwhelming the space.

Challenge ::  Bunk beds are SO expensive and since my youngest wouldn’t be sleeping on the bottom bunk for a good while, I didn’t want Everett’s bed to dominate the space.  I knew I wanted a bunk/loft hybrid, so my husband designed the bed to fit our needs exactly.  It provides space underneath to play while we have the baby in a crib, cost a little less than $300 for everything, and the stairs are at a safer angle, in my opinion, compared to vertical ladders.

Shared Girls’ Room

Up next is the room our very own contributor Becky has decorated for her girls {ages 3.5 years and 1 year}. I am of course partial to girls’ rooms since that’s what I will be working on one day. And it doesn’t get much more adorably girly than this. I love the matching ruffle bedding with the cozy canopies and the crystal light fixture.


Favorite Part :: The bedding – Land of Nod. I narrowed it down to my favorite top 5 and let Karis {3.5} pick this one out. She’s the girliest girl on the planet and this bedding is so her. And the canopy has been a really fun addition as she likes us to close her into her tent at night {which has been helpful for not getting out of bed}.

Challenge :: 1) Making sure everything was still kid friendly and to their aesthetic. I tend to hate all the hokey kid stuff. So I have to work hard to make sure this area was still user friendly and not just pleasing to my eye. 2) Picking how they’d share the room – what the bed set up would be. 3) Getting over my fears of them sharing – that they’d fight non stop {in the future}, that they’d sleep horribly and constantly wake one another up.

Shared Boy / Girl Room

And finally we have Erin’s room for her boy and girl {ages 3.5 years and 2 years}. I think it would be hard to decorate a room for a boy and girl, but she did it perfectly. How cute is that kid-sized desk and chair and little sofa? I love that they have matching bedding in different colors. And check out the fun over-sized measuring stick to the left of the door.


Favorite Part :: How everything in their room means something. It was either homemade or given to us by someone special.

Challenge :: Probably would be the duvet covers. Since they were so much material, it was bulky to sew.

Thanks to those three moms for sharing their rooms! If your kids share a room, what tips do you have for making it work?


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