Single… and Becoming a Foster Mom

My college roommate Jenny is probably one of the most nurturing people I have ever met. From staying up all night to help a friend write a paper or taking care of one of us when we got sick, it’s just her nature to “mother” those she loves. We always knew Jenny was born to be a mom, and because she’s still waiting for her Prince Charming, she’s taking her path to motherhood into her own hands. Single and eager, Jenny is signing up to be a foster mom!

I figured the best way to tell this story was to let Jenny tell it to you herself…

Me :: Tell us about you!
Jenny :: I’ve wanted to be a mom as far back as I can remember. I am a teacher, but looking back it is evident to me that all of my experiences {nanny, youth ministry, kids’ camp director, graduate school} have given me the skills and child development knowledge I needed and led me right to this path that I consider a calling.

Me :: What made you want to start a journey into fostering?
Jenny :: I’ve always thought it was something I would do. I think it is a great way to serve kids – to provide a temporary space to call home for kids in need, but also to serve families while they heal. When I pictured my future home, I pictured a husband and a tons of kids. I thought I would follow this path once I was already married with kids of my own, but I had a priest say to me “Did God say wait until you are married to be my hands and feet?” and that was wow moment…”If I’m really called to do this, what am I waiting for?”  

Me :: What did your family and friends think when you first told them?
Jenny :: I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the love and support. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better tribe. The majority of those that really know me get it and have affirmed my calling. Will saying goodbye to children I’ve loved and sacrificed for be difficult? Are you kidding me?! It will break my heart, but I know that I am signing up for this. I want to do this. If I’m granted 1 day or 18 months with a child in which I can provide their basic needs so they can thrive, I’m all in.  

Me :: What would you say to someone who might question you fostering as a single person?
Jenny :: I really struggled with this.  I believe a huge part of our society’s problem is a direct attack on the ‘typical’ family design. I once had a close friend {who I did ministry with} question me when I was talking about adopting if I didn’t get married in my mid to late 20s … and I chewed on it for a long time. I didn’t take this lightly.  

 Me :: What advice would you give to a friend who knows someone who is starting the foster journey – on how to support that person best?  
Jenny :: Thoughts, prayers, and well wishes are powerful. I love getting a quick message from a friend saying they are thinking about me. It has also been so much fun for me to get gifts for my future foster kiddos and to set up everything for their arrival. I’m so thankful a friend told me I had to register. People want to help. That’s beautiful. Listening is also a great gift. I love that I have people who will listen to me nerd out about this journey.  

Me :: Are you scared?
Jenny :: I’m really not. Initially I had some fear, but that has subsided. God is faithful. He has so got this. Me. Us. It’s insane to think this is my life! How did I get so blessed?  

 Me :: What do you want people to know about this next phase of life you are entering?
Jenny :: I am thankful I can still enjoy a glass of “mommy juice” and that strangers don’t rub my belly. I am also thankful that I’m not pregnant in this Texas heat. No, I’m not a mom biologically, but I am a mom spiritually, physically, and mentally in that I am providing needs for children. I have mama bear claws just like the rest of the best moms and already get so protective of my future kiddos that I haven’t even met yet.   

Come on moms! What advice would you give Jenny as she enters this Foster journey? 

:: Photo Credit – Zach Tijerina ::


  1. So proud of you Jenny!!! If there’s one thing I’ve learned about motherhood, it’s anything but typical. We all do it our own way and I think your way is fabulous!!! I hope that as Jack gets older Jon will agree to either adoption or fostering to adopt. I’d love more kids but pregnancy is not for me. I’m one and done with that part of motherhood. You are an amazing person and I can’t wait to follow this journey of yours ❤️

  2. So excited for your journey into fostering! My husband and I are foster parents and just adopted two children this summer that had lived with us for over a year. I have tons of advice to offer but will only leave two bits that were things I didn’t think would be a big deal before we dove head first into foster parenting. 1. Make sure to have a good listof doctors that are accepted by foster care insurance. Their insurance is good because it covers everything BUT it was incredibly hard to find GOOD doctors that accepted it. I was in tears multiple times over the care my kids received or how I was treated by doctors and their offices. Even after I checked the insurance website and got confirmation from our caseworker that specific doctors were covered, the office would refuse to accept their insurance. It was a mess. 2. Try to have as many susbsitite caregivers/approved babysitters as possible. We only had our moms certified and they both live 1 hr away. Foster care parents have a lot of trainings they have to keep current and most of the time child care was not provided and trainings were held on weeknights. It would have been amazing to just have a neighbor or friend to watch the kids for us instead of having to schedule our moms to come. Sorry for the long post but I hope you find this helpful! Thank you so much for taking this brave step and following Gods plan for your life. You will truly be a blessing to many!

  3. This is an inspiring interview! Praying for you Jenny! As a “bonus mom” (step-mom) they don’t have to be biologically yours for them to be your child! The bonding between you may look a little different but that relationship will be special in its own way. I’m my step-daughters “Jerri kay”. She links arms with me as we walk through the store, calls me as soon as she arrives at school to help her find her class, rolls her eyes at me like a tween will do, & there is nothing like seeing her happy! Mom life, no matter how it happens to you, is the best thing ever!

  4. Good for you! I’m a single mom too! God called me on this journey when I was 32! 4 and 1/2 years later… I have one adopted son and one foster daughter who I will be adopting very soon!!! Best of luck to you. I am hoping to foster more in the futre!


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