Why Socks Should Be On Your Gift List This Mother’s Day {+ Discount Code!}

We love partnering with our friends at Bombas and especially love how they give back for every sock purchase.

My poor husband, you guys, does not have it easy in the gift arena. My birthday is April 30th, his mom’s is May 5th, and Mother’s Day is usually a week or so after. He is so bombarded with gift planning {not to mention the first-quarter-of-the-year work deadlines that come around that time} that by the time Mother’s Day comes around, he’s completely burnt out with planning. To make it easy for him, I usually provide a list with links {and take care of the gifts for our moms} weeks before and give him an afternoon alone to get stuff done. The reason why I prep him? Because, socks. 

My first Mother’s Day {much like the whole first year of motherhood} was a blur. The one thing I remember was socks. He had no time to think or plan for Mother’s Day but knew he needed to do something for me. He grabbed our then ten-month-old and ran to Walmart. He came home with groceries for us and a candle and socks for my Mother’s Day gift. I lovingly laughed at him, thinking of all of those sitcoms that showed funny Mother’s Day gifts, and it became our thing. From now on, every gift he gives me has to include a pair of socks. They have quickly become my absolute favorite {and most anticipated} gift. This year, I’m including a pair…or six… of Bombas on the list! 

Why Socks Should Be On Your Gift List This Mother's Day | Houston Moms BlogWhy Bombas?

We over here at HMB were gifted the opportunity of checking these socks out, and OMG you guys :: These are the most comfortable socks ever! It sounds silly to say, but I am so impressed with the technology of the socks. While I can’t read my text messages through them, they are designed for comfort and usability. There is no annoying seams or bumps poking at your feet. Runners will love their ridiculously soft nature that assures your feet will stay dry and supported. Bombas has worked for years to design a product that is often an afterthought in the clothing market. They give just the right amount of arch support, which is a result of their unique honeycomb structure that “hugs your feet” just where you need it.

Where can our Bombas go? 


Our kids’ favorite part {besides the comfort} is that their feet don’t get tired in athletic shoes anymore. Their feet are supported in the way that calms this momma anxiety. Contributor Michele’s oldest loved them on the softball field too! She refused to wear anything else on the field, and she still wears them daily.

Why Socks Should Be On Your Gift List This Mother's Day | Houston Moms Blog

Angelica, whose oldest child suffers from sensory issues, said that socks were a constant struggle in their home. Her son hates the bunching on the seams and always complains that his feet are hot and they hurt his toes. With the Bombas, she let him touch them and eased him into trying them on. Immediately, he loved the soft feel and put them on himself. Bombas use high quality cotton and wool and have cool designs. He loves the bee design and BONUS :: his feet didn’t stink after a long, sneakers-wearing day! And all the mamas said AMEN!

To WORK {like real, sweaty, gross WORK} ::

My husband even loves the cool designs. He took a pair of the performance ski socks on his rotation to Norway for work. He loved that they were breathable, yet also kept moisture out. After a full 12 hour day working on an oil rig, his feet were not tired. They were comforted. He was a skeptic until after that first day. He FaceTimed me immediately after he got back to his apartment, asking me to get him a few more pairs! 

Why Socks Should Be On Your Gift List This Mother's Day | Houston Moms BlogTo the GYM ::

I love the fact that my socks are “hidden” but still stay in place. No slipping! I can wear my booties version without having to hide in the bathroom trying to put them back on. They stayed in place and my feet were happy. Contributor Michele said she wore the no shows with her Nikes and they stayed in place through her run! At the gym, Angelica immediately noticed the lack of seam and how the honeycomb design made her flat feet comfortable. They give compression without feeling too tight and uncomfortable. 



On the feet of those that NEED them ::Why Socks Should Be On Your Gift List This Mother's Day | Houston Moms Blog

But the absolute coolest part of Bombas? Their philanthropic hearts. One of the most requested clothing item after Harvey {and all the wet feet} was socks. Wet/cold feet are the worst and lead to sickness. Did you know that socks are the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters? Bombas heard this and knew they needed to help. To date they have donated over 5 MILLION pairs to people in need, including those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Socks were sent to first responders, shelters, churches, and dozens of other giving partners to help keep feet warm. I don’t know about you, but knowing how much they did for our area makes me want to buy all the socks! For every pair you purchase, Bombas will donate a pair to someone in need. 

Socks, man. You wouldn’t think they would make such an impact, but just looking around their Facebook page, they are in the midst of a revolution. I never want to be gifted a different brand of socks, y’all. That’s HUGE. And it makes my husband super happy, too. {And definitely makes our kiddos happy, too!}

As a special Mother’s Day gift just for our readers, Bombas is offering 20% off your first purchase! Use offer code HOUSTONMOM at checkout. 

       Why Socks Should Be On Your Gift List This Mother's Day | Houston Moms Blog 

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  1. Nice! My family laughs at me because socks are my go to gift for everyone. Looks like I’ll have something new for them. Definitely going to give these a shot!


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