Steel Magnolias :: The Ultimate Female Squad Goals

Steel Magnolias :: The Ultimate Female Squad GoalsThere are many female friendship groups portrayed in movies and books. We have the ladies of Sex in the City clothed in high fashion and steamy romps. The solidarity and devotion of the girls on The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The fierceness of Charlie’s Angels. But none of these quite transcend the big screen quite like the women of Steel Magnolias. Their relationships are dynamic and have given me examples of true squad goals.


The storyline is built around the beautiful Shelby. She is one of the quintessential steel magnolias. She is classy in all accounts. We all know, her colors are blush and bashful. That extra level of fabulous comes natural to her. She is the friend who finds it important to include people. When you say you don’t have something to wear, she invites you into her closet and pulls out the designer options. She wants to see you shine. She also is the type of friends that has fortitude. She won’t be the one to complain or ask for help. You have to pay close attention to see she needs you. When you realize it, she is the type of friend you want to show up big for. If you don’t have a Shelby, you need one. Just knowing her will elevate you.


It is impossible not to love a Truvy. In this case, it helps that she is portrayed by Dolly Parton {{ my soul sister}}. Her very presence invites you in to sit a spell. Truvy is the friend who wants to hear it all. She wants the all the juicy tidbits and is ready to give you some balanced advice or laugh right along with you. She is not letting you leave home in a questionable ensemble. The best part is, she is going to present it in a way that does not make you feel bad about your questionable fashion choices. She has a heart of gold and needs you just as much as you need her. Her home is never closed nor are her arms. Always the first to invite you in and the first to embrace you.


She is the glue. She is the keeper of secrets and the lover of all. You go to her for advice and confidentiality. She likes to be the person you come to with a good laugh. She is a reader of people. Her instinct about others is usually on point. People gravitate towards her and boy is she charismatic. If your friend group finds themselves in a pickle, she is the smooth talker. She has a way of always making you feel special. You need a partner in crime, call Clairee. 


She is the feisty one. She is a straight shooter, and you won’t get away with any tom foolery with her. She has your back. I dare someone to come at you when she is around. They will quickly realize they are out matched and out witted. She is the half glass empty chick and proud of it. She is well balanced with Clairee. Ouiser may pack a punch, but Clairee can smooth things over. If you can handle her wit and earn her trust, she will be your most loyal friend. Hard shell, soft center.  


The voice of reason. We all need one. We need that one gal who can look at a situation and be completely practical and level headed. Sometimes it comes across as being too serious. However, when she lets her helmet shaped hair down, you get a glimpse of a fun-loving person. In Steel Magnolias you get a glimpse of when Maylnne breaks. This type of friend tends to hit an exceptional level of pain before they snap. She helps you understand that not all people need to share it all, all the time. You learn how to support the person who is not typically overly emotional. She is going to teach you some things about being a more patient and practical person.

I have acquired some of these very relationships in my life and am so blessed because of it. My girls make me better. Just like the ladies of Steel Magnolias, we all bring special pieces of our personality to the group dynamic. You discover how strong your bond is when life happens. I feel confident that I am surrounding myself with my very own circle of fortitude. May we be polished like Shelby, inviting like Truvy, charismatic like Clairee, feisty like Ouiser, and strong like Malynne. If you haven’t watched this movie I suggest you read up and watch asap! 

Which Steel Magnolias character do you identify the most with?

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