Sugar Free Valentine Goodie Bags

I have a confession ::  I have never been good at this whole holiday party goodie bag thing.  Most of the time I forget about them until the night before, then rush to throw something together.  Luckily, Skeeter is young enough to really not care whether her gift bags are the cutest – or most Pinterest worthy.  But for Valentine’s Day, I decided to step up my game.

I’m not a sugar free mom {in fact, I’m eating a brownie as I type}.  But I’ve noticed with the past few holidays, the goodie bags that make it into our house containing candy are more likely to be tossed in the trash than eaten.  This is mostly because SO much candy is sent home from holiday parties – there’s no way we could possibly eat it all!  The goodie bags that contain individually packaged snacks, on the other hand, ALWAYS make it into her backpack for trips to the zoo or grocery store.  So with this in mind, I decided to take the challenge and make Skeeter’s Valentine goodie bags sugar free.

I picked up my supplies from a variety of places – dollar stores, Target, and Groopdealz.  At Skeeter’s age, the best budget friendly and toddler approved items I found were ::

  • Bubbles
  • Play Dough
  • Goldfish snack packs
  • Valentine’s cards {Skeeter chose Minnie Mouse, of course!}
  • Heart themed cellophane bags
  • I also couldn’t pass up these adorable personalized stickers from Dabling Design House.

Valentine's 4Sorry – I had to remove Skeeter’s real name!

Once I had my supplies, assembly was a cinch!  These goodie bags were just so simple and turned out so cute.  Now, we’ll see how I do with future holidays!

Sugar Free Valentine Goodie Bags

Do you send holiday goodie bags to school?

What are your ‘must include’ items?


  1. Great ideas! I agree about the candy, and not because we don’t eat it, but like you said, we just get too much! Individual snacks are great for travel! Happy early Valentine’s Day!


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