5 Ways to Survive Allergy Season in Houston

It’s springtime in Houston, and it’s glorious. Mild{ish} days tempered with cooler nights. Soon we will be in the throes of stifling summer heat, so we need to savor this very short season. That said, if your family is anything like mine, spring also means allergy season in Houston. Drenching rains give way to blooming plants, and we.are.miserable. My poor son has suffered alongside of me since he was a baby, and his sister has started to develop outdoor allergies as well. I can guarantee if I wake up with an itchy, irritated throat, he will wake up sniffling. So as a family, we have developed a few strategies to make springtime a little more tolerable. And hopefully some of these will help you as well, cause lord knows we aren’t alone in the swollen eye club!

5 Ways to Survive Allergy Season in Houston | Houston Moms Blog

1. Choose a/c over open windows ::

I know, I know…  It’s glorious to open the windows on a beautiful spring day and let the natural air filter through your home.  But do you know what comes along with that natural air?  Pollen.  And lots of it.  Instead, open the blinds and blast the air conditioning – pretending it’s a cool spring breeze.  And if you just can’t resist, only open windows in the afternoon, as pollen counts are the highest in the morning.

2. Play smart ::

When allergy season is in high gear, I do my best to come up with indoor activities. But let’s be honest, when it’s 75 degrees and sunny, no one wants to be stuck inside! So we definitely have our outdoor activities, but we try to temper those annoying symptoms with a couple of strategies. First, I continually remind my kiddos not to rub their eyes when they are outside. Nothing is more miserable than watering eyes and rubbing will only make the stinging worse. Secondly, as soon as they get inside, we strip down immediately. Clothes go into the wash on hot to get rid of any lingering pollen and kiddos head straight for the shower to rinse off.

3. Start treatment early ::

We don’t wait until we are in a full-blown allergy attack to seek relief. Keeping one foot ahead of the pollen is key for our family, and that’s why I was so excited to recently be introduced to our newest partners at TexaClear and their ah-mazing Kids Allergy Relief. Not only is it designed to treat mild to severe allergy symptoms, it’s 100% gluten free, alcohol free, dye free, and sugar free. For my girl, I feel so much more comfortable giving her something that is dye free since we’ve found certain dyes irritate her system {and alter her personality as well}. No extra additives are a super bonus for us and one I can feel confident in!

4. Clean, clean, clean ::

Unfortunately, allergens can be tracked in your home and found in some pretty innocuous places.  So aside from the usual weekly cleans, here are a few added tips…

  • Leave your shoes at the door.  Footwear is known to pick up all kinds of allergens while you’re out and about, so ditch your shoes {and the yuckies they picked up} outside the door before entering your home.
  • Wash plush toys. Once a week, toss your kiddos stuffed animals and other plush toys in the washer on a hot cycle for a nice little bubble bath.  And to rid them of anything else they might be harboring too.
  • Vacuum often and always.  And don’t forget to check and make sure that the filter is clean, the bag is new or emptied, and your vacuum is in tip-top shape to suck up any allergens throughout your home.

5. Know when to ramp up ::

No matter how many prevention techniques we may try, sometimes those pesky allergens get the best of us and turn into a full-fledged cold or sinus attack. TexaClear is ready to help fight with their line of kid relief products. When their sinuses are inflamed, we turn to Kids Congestion Sinus Relief to help open up those nasal passages so they can breathe. {Pretty important, am I right?} If sinuses aren’t an issue, Daytime Cough and Cold is at the ready, providing fast-acting relief without any drowsiness, especially important if they are well enough to go to school. Momma doesn’t need any more sick days for sure!

So, Houstonians, sound off with your best allergy remedies below! What do you to keep your family itch and sneeze free?

And don’t forget — TexaClear Kids products are designed to provide a clear and clean choice when your child {age 6 and up} is suffering, whether it be from allergies to sinuses and cold/flu symptoms. These fast-acting and powerful treatment options can be found exclusively at your local HEB – super convenient to grab on your weekly shopping trip! {And psssst… They also have a full line of adult products because lord knows, we need to be on our game! No sick days allowed for mom or dad.}


Please Note :: While this post is sponsored by TexaClear, all tips and opinions are proudly my own. 

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