Surviving the Last Few Weeks of School

Isn’t May just super busy for the school kids? What in the world? It’s like the Christmas season with all the functions, but no one prepares us for it.

Recitals, science projects, exams, parties, teacher gifts, class presentations, kindergarten round ups, graduations, graduations, and graduations, field days, final projects, research papers, registering for fall classes, and I can’t care if her verb tense is consistent throughout the paper because ALL I WANT TO DO IS GO TO THE POOL!

Seriously, I’m just done. I’m brain dead. Plus, I’m pale and that makes me cranky.

Surviving the Last Few Weeks of School

Just a few more weeks, Kids. We will survive. 

Here’s how:

Get outside.

Seriously. It is so lovely in Houston right now. If you must do homework with the kids after school in May, do it outside if you can! Take homework to the park, to the FroYo place, or to your very own backyard. The fact that homework in May should be a punishable offense {flogging, I say} is irrelevant, here. You’ll feel better just being outside.

Reflect on the school year.

Look at how much progress you’ve made. Celebrate every letter that is turning around the correct way, every book that was read {from The Very Hungry Caterpillar to To Kill a Mockingbird}, every multiplication fact. Celebrate Bismarck being the capitol of North Dakota! It doesn’t matter what it is, but there are some accomplishments worth celebrating. If you haven’t yet, introduce those kids to some Kool & the Gang.

Plan for Summer.

Get on with the plans for summer camps, field trips, swim lessons, book clubs, vacations and academic camps. Give yourself something to look forward to. This blog is a great place to find all that good stuff!

But…not too much.

Planning to sleep late is STILL making a plan!

Start checking out.

I mean it. Just close up shop on a few things. If you don’t make it to an end-of-the-year party, so what? You can skip it. You don’t need a reason. If you are one to eat lunch with your little one at school, do it. Then, check him out early and go to
the zoo. Ride the train around Hermann Park. Makin’ memories, right there.

We’re here, moms. Cheering you on to the finish line!

How do you do it? How do you survive these last few weeks of school pandemonium?

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Melissa is a native Floridian currently making Houston home. She has a background in English education, but ended up teaching sex ed to middle and high school students. This passion for teaching healthy relationship education transformed into a ministry of teaching parents to speak early and often to their kids about healthy sexuality. {Which she says was way more fun than teaching poetry.} But that’s all “Doppleganger Melissa” now. These days, she is a full-time homeschooling mama to two future world-changers, Meghan and Maddy. She is an unapologetic sanguine who loves having people around her table eating off of paper plates and drinking sweet tea. When “Mel’s Diner” {the kitchen} isn’t open, she may be working off calories at the gym, driving her girls around town, or trying to round up some twenty-somethings to feed and mother. Melissa believes in a few things pretty strongly :: Jesus, her spouse, the power of Diet Coke, and that traveling should be a sport. You can find her over at Spouseisms, or on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook {@Spouseisms}.


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