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Top Tips for Throwing a Halloween Party at the Last Minute

This last week, my 4 year old was invited to a pumpkin painting party with some of her friends and it was the absolute...

National Donut Day :: Four Ways to Celebrate

Isn't National Donut Day just the best way to celebrate the start of Summer Vacation? Let's fill the kids with sugar! But seriously, I...

How to Host a Kid’s Gingerbread Party

I suffer from OCD :: Obsessive Christmas Disorder. I was aware of this when I wanted to put my Christmas decorations up the first...

18 Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Food Ideas

It's that time of year again...the pumpkin spice lattes are in full brew, the pumpkin patch pictures are flooding Facebook, and everyone is pulling...

Lunch Share Party :: New ideas for kid food!

One of my kids will eat anything.  I mean, ANYTHING!  She literally just ate onions and zucchini out of the salad I was eating....
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