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By using a virtual model, the Ways2Well certified clinical team spends an average of 75 minutes with each patient, versus the industry standard 8 minutes per patient, so they can thoroughly review health history and diagnose underlying root causes of symptoms to create custom treatments. They get to know their patients, inside and out, to be able to treat all of the symptoms as a whole, rather than just each one individually. With specialists and referrals, this doctor and that, it can seem overwhelming when they aren't talking to one another. With Ways2Well, they have your whole health in mind. 

Mom, you are living through a high speed, high stakes season of life. It feels like every single person in your world depends on you for something crucial. And you do it. You feed your family three meals a day. You sign the homework folder. You turn in the project at work on time. You remind your husband to buy a birthday gift for his mother. And you faithfully take your little ones to their preventative care appointments and sick visits when they aren’t feeling well. 

But what about you? Do you ever have annoying or worrisome symptoms, and yet you or others in your life explain them away with generic excuses? 

You’re a busy working mom- of course you’re tired. Is that relentless exhaustion normal, or could it be a nutritional or vitamin deficiency?

You have little people hanging on you all day every day, always needing something- of course your sex drive isn’t what it used to be. But is your libido in the toilet because that’s just what happens to middle-aged women, or could something be off with your hormones?

It’s 2020, and we’re in the midst of a global pandemic- of course you’ve gained weight. Have you gained 15 pounds because you stress-ate Chick Fil A a few too many times this year, or could you have a thyroid issue?

You juggle motherhood, marriage, and your career, and rarely get a break to stop and breathe– of course you haven’t been to the doctor for preventative care. 

Sound familiar? If it does, we need to talk. 

If you are suffering from exhaustion, weight gain, or a low sex drive, do not automatically assume that these symptoms are “normal” and just par for the motherhood course. They could be early signs of more serious chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, and more. It is important you see a doctor who will take the time to address your concerns and help you make a plan to proactively correct them. 

I know. Between work, carpool duty and everything else you have going on, you don’t have time to see a doctor in person. Thankfully, modern technology now allows us to see a doctor from the comfort of our homes, behind a safe, socially-distanced screen. 

Ways2Well, right here in Houston, is an online healthcare provider focused on preventative care. That means keeping you from getting sick before you start to show symptoms, and preventing chronic conditions and diseases. Ways2Well knows that time, your time, is especially precious, and women don’t always feel heard by their provider when struggling with symptoms like weight gain, loss of libido, lack of sleep, fatigue, and mental fog. Since Ways2Well is virtual telemedicine – they get to focus on you for an average of 75 minutes.  You get to be heard and your symptoms won’t be brushed off as middle age and motherhood induced. Sounds refreshing, right? Did you know that the industry standard patient visit is just EIGHT minutes? I don’t know about you, but I can’t figure out what day of the week it is in 8 minutes and whose turn it is to do carpool. When it comes to your heath, and just feeling like your best self – you need a provider that can really spend time with you.

Ways2Well wants to help mom drop that stubborn 15 by getting her hormones regulated, so she’s sleeping better, eating better, and has more energy. They want to address her current symptoms and keep her off the path to more serious conditions. The benefit of Ways2Well is that not only do they take those symptoms in a woman seriously, because they know they are signs of bigger problems to come {that WILL come if not addressed} but also that they can treat them on mom’s time.

Now, you can video chat with a provider who is also a working mother while your kids are in swim lessons after school. Or if you prefer an early morning, evening or weekend appointment, Ways2Well has you covered. And they also understand that the last thing you need is one more thing, Ways2Well partners with ReviveRx, a pharmacy, to mail any necessary treatment or medications directly to your doorstep.

What about your sex drive? The elephant in the room? One of the biggest concerns women report is low sex drive and lack of intimacy with their partner. Helping you feel like yourself again also means giving you the tools you need and want to create and maintain better intimacy. When was the last time your doctor reminded you that sex with your partner is good for your health, and there’s great libido enhancers available so that sexy time can be anytime you want it to be? Your doctor probably hasn’t mentioned that part of your overall health, but Ways2Well understands how important it is for you and your spouse – they’ve got a great solution for that too.

Mom, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to pay attention to and take your concerning symptoms seriously so they don’t turn into a bigger issue, and keep up with your preventative care. Do something for yourself today and make an appointment with Ways2Well. Houston Moms Blog readers get full comprehensive blood work, initial consultation and follow up appointment for $249.  This package checks everything from your hormones and thyroid function to micro nutrients and vitamin deficiencies, in addition to screening for the big stuff like Hypertension, Heart Disease indicators, and Diabetes. Check them out at www.Ways2Well.com and schedule your free consultation at www.ways2well.com/gettingstarted .

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