Texas-Themed Books For All Ages

Texas-Themed Books For All Ages | Houston Moms Blog

In honor of Read Across America Day {AKA Dr. Seuss’s birthday!}, we are featuring one very special spot in America: Texas. So grab a pen and paper, open your notes app, or just bookmark this list. We have even added towards the end a few books set in Texas for your older readers.

Along with spending more time together, when you read with your child you are creating a strong foundation for their future learning. According to an article on CNN.com, reading activates an area in the left part of the brain associated with learning new words, concepts, and memory. Other benefits include an increased vocabulary, concentration, higher literacy rates, and better preparation for kindergarten. Ready to start reading? Us too!

>> Texas-Themed Children’s Books <<

Goodnight Texas by Adam GrambleTexas-Themed Books For All Ages | Houston Moms Blog

A friend of mine, who loves to travel, has been collecting “Goodnight” books for her child since finding out that she was pregnant. Wherever she travels, she picks up a book. What a fun idea! I think I would add the date to the inside cover, and I would continue adding these books into the collection, as I travel with my child. This book offers kids a tour of our wonderful state and even features the Space Center and our little ol’ neighbor, Galveston.

Armadillo Rodeo by Jan BrettTexas-Themed Books For All Ages | Houston Moms Blog

Bo, the armadillo, finds adventure following a pair of boots he mistakes for a red armadillo across the Texas Hill Country. The illustrations are beautiful and very Western. Definitely a great read during rodeo season!

T is for Texas by Boys and Girls of Greater Fort WorthTexas-Themed Books For All Ages | Houston Moms Blog

This book is a really cool concept! It’s part of a “See My State” series and is written by children. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with a Texas-related word, picture, and a short description that happens to rhyme!

Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella by Susan LowellTexas-Themed Books For All Ages | Houston Moms Blog

If your children are familiar with the Cinderella story, Cindy Ellen is a great Texas-related tale! 

The Incredibly Intergalactic Journey Home by David Cadji-NewbyTexas-Themed Books For All Ages | Houston Moms Blog

This customizable book can technically be for any city and state! It was the first Christmas gift to my daughter, and though she can’t read it just yet, I can read it to her. It’s a little longer, but the way your city and even home address are incorporated in your child’s journey, through space home, is truly creative. We will treasure it always.

>> Young Adult Books Based in Texas <<

Holes by Louis SacharTexas-Themed Books For All Ages | Houston Moms Blog

When Stanley gets sent to a detention camp, his punishment {along with the rest of the kids he meets} is digging holes. They discover that it’s not a pointless activity for “building character,” but the warden is actually looking for something. 

This is a fun read for kiddos 10 and older. When I was in the classroom, I saw several middle schoolers reading this book thanks to the movie.

All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthyTexas-Themed Books For All Ages | Houston Moms Blog

John, 16, leaves the ranch life and takes off across Texas on a journey to Mexico. This book is a national bestseller, and even made it to the big screen!

The Liar’s Club by Mary KarrTexas-Themed Books For All Ages | Houston Moms Blog

This is actually a memoir of Karr’s childhood in a Texas oil town. USA Today describes it as “un-put-downable.” My favorite kind of description!

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny LawsonTexas-Themed Books For All Ages | Houston Moms Blog

Speaking of comical memoirs, Jenny Lawson has one, too! This one is a bit more eccentric and definitely a fun read.

Friday Night Lights by H.G. BissingerTexas-Themed Books For All Ages | Houston Moms Blog

Read the book that made the incredibly popular show happen! This story takes place in Odessa and follows a football team through their inspiring and challenging lives. 

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

What are your favorite Texas-themed/based books? Did we miss any good ones?


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