Thank You For Being A Friend:: Celebrating Friendship with The Golden Girls

Thank You For Being A Friend:: Celebrating Friendship with The Golden GirlsThis “new normal.” It’s wearing and exhausting. The racial tension and the desperation for change in our country feels endless. What the world needs now:: more friendship, more love and support and more reasons to smile. 

Friendship According to The Golden Girls

I found all that in The Golden Girls. I’ve been watching a lot lately. Like, A LOT. 

I’ve been completely lost in the world of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia. 

Even as I’m writing, I’m listening to Rose tell yet another story about growing up in St. Olaf, Minnesota, and as Dorothy and Blanche give her major side eye, Sophia follows it up with one of her experiences at Shady Pines Retirement Home! Classic GGs. 

Out of the four, I definitely relate {a bit too much, I’m afraid} to Blanche. Flirty, sassy, a little self-indulgent, always down for a drink and some fun. Love me some Blanche!

Anyway, the show’s got me thinking.

How important are our friends! Our Crew. Our people.

The girls are the perfect example of friendship:: Supportive when they need each other most, unapologetically real and honest {almost to a fault}, and sharing a deep love for each other exactly the way they are {not 100% judgement-free, but still}.

International Friendship Day is on July 30th… Just the kind of day we need! We NEED to recognize the people who hold us up and keep us grounded. Even the UN, who decided to make this an International holiday, knows how necessary and celebration-worthy friendships are! It’s a day to celebrate the bonds we have with others:: old friends, new friends, work friends, sports friends, all the friends. This is the kind of day we need to recognize in full force!

The Golden Girls theme song, in all of its cheesily adorable glory, is the perfect description of friendship! 

Picture it…  

Traveled Down the Road and Back Again

Thank You For Being A Friend:: Celebrating Friendship with The Golden Girls

Far from your closest friends? Social distancing keeping you apart? It’s amazing how you can be far from your people, but still feel as close as ever.

The GGs are all from different places. Siciliy, Brooklyn, St. Olaf, and Georgia. Even when they part ways for visits back to their hometowns, they can all come home to each other in Miami to share their golden years. Nothing changes! What more could you want?

Thank goodness for Zoom and FaceTime… bringing everyone together and bridging the distance between us. Set up a video call whenever you can! Catch up, as face-to-face as we can these days! I like to gaze meaningfully into my friends’ eyes through the screen, just to be silly… It’s awkward and hilarious, but they get the point! I love them!

You’re a Pal and a Confidante

Sometimes you meet people and you just know you can spill your guts. You can trust them and know that their love is unconditional. Dorothy, the dry humored, sarcastic GG, has no time for Rose’s nonsense. But, at the end of the day, she’s got Rose’s back. Rose’s silly, nitwitty back! 

Get you some friends like that! Full disclosure friends. Friends who see your deep-seeded flaws and love you anyway. Friends who want to be your friends, even when it might be difficult to love you. Feel me?

The Biggest Gift Would Be From Me

Shoot, the biggest gift IS me! Lemme explain… I’m a pretty decent friend. Because, my goal is to be the kind of friend that makes other people feel thankful to have me in their corner!

Of course, you can definitely send a little motivation, a kind word, a virtual hug or, if you want, a little trinket to remind your friends of what they mean to you.

The Golden Girls are constantly doing little things for each other. Stocking up on smoked oysters {a well-known aphrodisiac, according to Blanche} just before Dorothy has a special date. Helping Rose prepare for a job interview. And if one Golden Girl has a problem with someone, they ALL have a problem with someone! 

Be a gift to your friends; they’ll return the favor! 

Thank you For Being a Friend

Thank You For Being A Friend:: Celebrating Friendship with The Golden Girls

While we may not be able to hug their necks right now, our friends are there.

We need our people now more than ever. Not everyone has friends who have watched them, time and time again, make the stupidest of stupid choices, ignore all advice, crash and burn, and STILL stand by them and honor their friendship.

Not everyone has a Blanche to bring out their wild side and dare them to take a chance.

Not everyone has a Dorothy to check them when they need to hear the truth.

Not everyone has a Rose to be the comedic relief but always bring honest kindness.

And there definitely isn’t a surplus of Sophias in the world to give the realest advice, rough you up with words but have your true, best interests at heart.

Those friends are in high demand but in short supply. 

Celebrate International Friendship Day this year. Really think about who your people are and what they bring to your world. Cherish the friends you have, the people that hold a piece of your soul, anyone who shines some light on your spirit. Tell them how much you love them. Let them know what they’ve brought to your life. 

To those who have earned their way into my circle and allowed me into theirs, thank you for being a friend. 

Now, go watch The Golden Girls on Hulu! #friendshipgoals

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