The Clever Way to Spring Clean

While this is a sponsored post via Callbox Storage, all of the opinions are proudly my own. Clear away that clutter!

The weather has consistently hit over 70-degrees for 3 days in a row, so I’ve convinced myself that Spring is officially here. Does it work that way for you as well? With Spring comes the urge to clean, and in my case, purge! Since Hurricane Harvey hit in Houston last fall, my eye has been drawn to how much we live in excess. We did our fair amount of donating when the tragedy occurred. But after helping friends muck their homes and rebuild, I can’t help but notice how many “things” we have that we never use. We are in desperate need of a spring clean.

In 2017, Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up seemed to be in the hands of all of my friends. I, in fact, bought a copy and it somehow ended up in a pile on my nightstand. How’s that for irony? I did peruse the pages long enough to become a bit familiar with the concept:: if something doesn’t spark joy, discard it. I am very sentimental and I am a memory-keeper, so lots of things bring me joy. 

I’m a Marie Kondo basket case.

All things that are keepsake in my house tend to gravitate to our 4th bedroom. We refer to it as the office, but it’s not an office – it’s a keepsake room where, on occasion, those items hit the pages of a scrapbook. On first look inside of the office, I see items that won’t fit into any scrapbook, photo album or memory box. Ugh. It’s overwhelming to get started because I’m faced with issues before I even lift a finger.

The Solution

Enter :: Callbox Storage

Callbox Storage is one of those genius ideas that you can’t believe that you didn’t think of years ago. It’s the pod idea on a more reasonable scale. It’s rental space of a smaller model. In sizes going from 2′ x 2′ {the cubby} all the way to 10′ x 30′ … and literally everything in between. In my zip code, there are 8 size options available. {If you want to learn a bit more, here are a few more tidbits that Chelsea shared in an earlier post.}

So, with all of that said, I feel like I’m ready to tackle the entire house and not just one room. Let Spring Cleaning commence. Now that I have a place to store things outside my home, I feel inspired and relieved. In my mind, clutter brings mental chaos and I’m thankful for an alternative to just tossing everything to the curb.

Where to Start?

First, I got a notebook and gave every room and closet in my house a separate page. From there, I broke down everything that needed to be cleaned and dealt with. If it was especially messy or a monster of a chore, it got a line separate from others. Hence the “junk drawer” in my kitchen.

It was a bit daunting to do every room in the house, and I’ll admit that I had to keep going back to pages that I thought I had finished because I would remember something or an odd little nook that had issues enough to warrant a line. But once it was down on paper, I felt like I could manage it. I had a game plan. 

How Does It Work?

So this I absolutely LOVE especially as a busy mom always on the go. In 3 easy steps I can have all my clutter cleared away.

  1. Callbox will pick up your items for FREE and haul them away to the storage facility. Huge timesaver for me!
  2. Using a photo inventory system, they will itemize all of my “stuff” before it’s stored in their climate-controlled facility.
  3. When I’m ready to bring back some or all of my items, I simply go online, select, and they deliver them back to me. Say what? Genius.

Now it’s your turn to jump in and start. Cross items off that list. Fill those heavy trash bags. Donate all the things. Pack up boxes and decide on the space that you need to rent at Callbox Storage and make the appointment for them to come and collect! Head into Spring with your home and your mind clear and clutter-free!

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