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I’m on my third sweet nugget over here which makes me feel pretty well versed in all things baby. I’ve got all the newborn sleep tricks up my sleeve, the ability to read hunger cues from miles away, and can change diapers with my eyes closed. Most of my baby worries have been washed away and replaced with survival techniques as I try to keep myself and three kids under the age of five functional! I do have one great big worry left though, and I’ll admit it… I constantly check to make sure my kids are still breathing.

For the past five years, at least once a night, I’ve put my hand on someone’s stomach to make sure it was moving up and down. I’ve stared into grainy baby monitors with sleep deprived eyes just praying to see movement so I could be reassured and fall back to sleep.  We’ve all done this, Right?

Enter Owlet Baby Care Monitor. The Peace of Mind Game Changer.

Owlet Baby Care Monitor :: The Greatest Peace of Mind | Houston Moms Blog

The Owlet Monitor isn’t your typical baby monitor, and I’ve been shocked at how many of my friends and family members had no idea that this product even existed. Here’s how it works… Using pulse oximetry technology, it is designed to alert parents when their baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels go out of normal range. The Owlet Smart Sock is placed on the baby’s foot, and heart rate and oxygen level readings are transmitted to both the base alert station and parents’ smart phones. Red alerts are designed to be received when the monitor senses levels out of range, giving parents a warning to check on their baby and make a decision on how to best proceed. And while the Owlet is definitely not a diagnostic tool or a medical device, it can and is providing peace of mind to mamas like me who yearn for that peace of mind to know that all is okay – even while we sleep.

Owlet Baby Care Monitor :: The Greatest Peace of Mind | Houston Moms Blog

From the moment I opened the packaging, I found the Owlet Monitor very easy to set up and start using right away, even for a mushy-brained mother of three! Not only do instructions come with the monitor, but additional set up and frequently asked questions are available in the Owlet app and on the Owlet website. The app is very user friendly, and transmitted heart rate and oxygen levels are easy to check in the middle of the night or when parents need a little reassurance! My wee-one isn’t bothered by wearing the sock in any way, and charging the sock is quick and easy.

Owlet Baby Care Monitor :: The Greatest Peace of Mind | Houston Moms Blog

I was also very impressed with the way Owlet continuously remained responsible about newborn and baby sleep safety. At every turn, parents are reminded that the ABCs of safe sleep {Alone, on Back, in Crib} are the foundation of keeping babies healthy and safe while sleeping.

I do have one complaint though…  My biggest frustration is that I didn’t have the Owlet Baby Care Monitor for my first two children. The peace of mind we’ve gained using the monitor is absolutely priceless. If you’re a new or expectant mama {or know someone who is}, I can’t recommend it enough. Be sure to connect with them below…

Owlet Baby Care Monitors

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