The Perfect Staycation :: Summer Splash At The Four Seasons Houston

While this is a sponsored post, our experiences and opinions are proudly our own. We highly recommend the Four Seasons Houston for your next "staycation".

The Four Seasons Houston - Swimming Pool; Summer Splash Package

Connecting as a family is hard these days. With two working parents, a summer full of commitments, and devices competing for our attention {despite our best efforts and rules}, we decided it was time hit the reset button and schedule a staycation. There are a TON of great places in the Houston-area to slip away for a night as a family. What we didn’t expect is that the best experience would be right in our backyard {well, technically downtown Houston}. The Four Seasons Houston has a Summer Splash package that is AHHHMAAAZING.  The hotel itself has gone through some renovations and is now awash in a cool, mid-century {think Mad Men} style that made us feel super swanky for our one-night stay. The goal :: spend time as a family and indulge a little. What we didn’t realize is how MUCH there is to do at the Four Seasons with kids, without even leaving the hotel.

The Four Seasons Houston - Lobby and Stuffed Horses; Summer Splash Package

Step 1 :: Get Our Swim On

We were greeted at check-in by the awesome front desk staff with stuffed horses for the girls {5 and 7}. From there we went straight to the pool, as any sane person does during the day in Houston.  What was unexpected is how nice it felt on the pool deck with a nice breeze and cool water. The girls grabbed armfuls of foam noodles to enjoy in the pool as my husband and I sipped a cocktail {Tequila, Topo Chico, and lots of lime juice – if you’re keeping score at home} in style!

Step 2 :: Top Chefs

We signed the girls up for the afternoon cooking class in Quattro, having no idea what to expect. Led by the hotel’s pastry chef, they got to decorate chefs hats and were given aprons before getting started.  For the first course, they decorated brownies with sprinkles and icing! Afterwards they got to make pizza dough and fashion it into their very own pies {cheese only for CeCe, cheese and pepperoni for Josie}.  Their favorite part… eating as they cooked, like all the best chefs.

The Four Seasons Houston - Topgolf Swing Suite

Step 3 :: Game On

The hotel recently unveiled a Topgolf Swing Suite with 2 giant simulation screens for both adults and kids to play Topgolf style {while eating and drinking from the Bayou & Bottle menu}.  The kids had recently attended golf camp on vacation, so we thought it was a great time to test out their new skills. The Swing Suite includes adult and kids’ clubs so we could all take turns hitting the ball against the screen, watching the video version, and competing for top family golfer.  The winner? Mom, of course, by a healthy margin. That’s how we roll.

The Four Seasons Houston - Movie by the pool; Summer Splash Package

Step 4 :: Dinner and a Movie

Keeping with our fancy theme, we ate dinner at Quattro {surprised and delighted they had an affordable kids menu}. What was even more surprising and delightful was our oldest daughter trying and LOVING tri-color cauliflower. As the day turned to evening, we threw our swimsuits back on for the night’s main event.  Pool. Side. Movie. Another bonus of living in Houston during the summer is the ability to swim comfortably at any time of the day. That night was no exception. While the girls enjoyed the movie, we lounged poolside while the staff handed out warm, buttery popcorn.  As the movie ended, we were amazed that we hadn’t set foot outside the hotel all day, and yet never had a dull moment.

The Four Seasons Houston - Dining at Quattro; Summer Splash Package

Step 5 :: Summer Splash Memories

With full breakfast bellies and wet hair from a morning dip in the pool, we drove away the next day.  On the short drive home, our girls debated the best part of the “staycation” {a new addition to their vocab}. Treats? Golf? Fun in the sun? Tri-Colored Cauliflower? All of the above and more. It’s rare to spend 24 hours straight with your family {and not go nutso} and important to hit the reset button from time to time in order to remind yourself why you work hard. It’s so that once in a while you can splurge, treat your family to an out-of-the-ordinary experience, and build summertime memories that will last a lifetime.

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