The Second Pregnancy Jitters


This post is nothing new.  There are 1,001 of these articles out there written by other moms saying how worried, nervous, excited and scared they are to welcome a second {or third, or fourth…} baby into their perfectly functioning family.  I’m just days away from welcoming my second child into the world and to say I’ve been a roller-coaster of emotions lately is an understatement.  Don’t get me wrong, my overall feeling is excitement and joy, but I’m also scared!

The good news is that by reading all of these posts from other moms, we hopefully realize that we are not alone!  I take comfort in reading that others felt the same way and yet ended up okay.

In case you don’t know what type of feelings or worries I’m experiencing, my brain lately looks a little something like this…

  • How on earth will I love this second child as much as I love the first?
  • Will I ever have a life again outside of my kids with TWO?
  • The scariness of expenses for a second child seems overwhelming.
  • What will happen to my sweet newborn with all of the germs my toddler will bring into the home from school and activities?
  • How will I be able to divide my time between two kids?
  • What if my first-born feels neglected, sad, or unsure of his new role?
  • Will I ever sleep again?  How will I handle my toddler’s busy energy on little to no sleep of a newborn?
  • And my goodness, will my belly ever stop growing?!?!?!  {Checkout my Instagram feed to see what I’m talking about – ha! @ChelseaPurifoy}

Okay, now that I just gave myself a heart attack by putting all of these worries down on paper, you get the idea! So my advice to myself and to you if you are experiencing similar feelings is as follows…

Listen to others who have been there and done that. I have found so much comfort in reading posts like the Emotions of a Second Pregnancy and Second Time Mom: Fear Confessions.

Find positive ways to channel your anxiety. I have tried to busy myself instead of being paralyzed with worries.  I’ve made freezer meals, washed baby clothing, organized rooms in our home, and prepped the nursery.  Each task made me feel a little more “ready” for baby #2.  And don’t just put yourself to work either!  Get out and just enjoy your sweet family.  I tried to be more present and really enjoy my only child while he was still an only child.

Talk to your doctor. Your doctor deals with scared parents everyday and hopefully has just the right thing to tell you.  If your doctor isn’t the warm and fuzzy kind, talk to the nurse.  I’ve mentioned my feelings of nervousness along the way to my doctor and each time I walk out feeling better.  This is also helpful if your anxiety gets out of control, for them to be able to make a good assessment if it’s something that needs further medical attention or not.

Talk to other moms, your husband, anyone in your tribe. Sometimes there is no better cure for worries than talking it out with your people.

Good luck to anyone who is in the same boat with the same feelings!  Houston Moms Blog has recently experienced a baby boom with several babies all being born within weeks of each other and now me next.  Stay tuned to the blog to see how we all handle it!


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