The Secret to Being Supermom

The secret to being supermom?  There is no secret. The definition of “supermom” is unique to each one of us on any given day. Some days it means you kept the kids safe and fed, and other days it means you’ve moved figurative motherhood mountains by meeting every expectation your children, husband, and the world have of you.

Personally, most days I feel like I’m failing or falling short. It’s really hard not to feel this way while mothering in today’s world. Everywhere we look we see someone doing it “better” {or so we think}. Most of it is just a facade, but some of it isn’t. Some moms really are awesome. And that’s okay. Let them be awesome at motherhood and don’t make them feel bad about it.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and we’re all going through stuff no one knows about. So let’s not be quick to tell another mom that she’s making everyone look bad or that she’s crazy for putting in so much effort. She may be holding onto this one area of life where she thrives to get her through each day. Either way,  I just wanted to remind each of you, while reminding myself, that there is no secret, there’s no rule book, and we’re all supermoms in our own ways.

So own it, be you, be awesome, and try not to worry about anyone else’s version of awesome while you’re being awesome. Awesome? Awesome.

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Mandy is a former Army brat born and raised in the great state of Texas. She has an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Business Finance from Texas Tech University; she currently works as a Tax Accountant in Downtown Houston. In 2005 Mandy met her husband Travis while visiting her parents in Virginia. He took her breath away and followed her back to Texas as quickly as he could. Travis and Mandy shared seven adventurous years of married life before bringing their daughters into the world, Amelia {July 2013} and Evelyn {Sept 2015}. Mandy loves Jesus, country music, Instagram, the sunshine and all things water -- the beach is her happy place. She writes about her experiences as a working wife and mother at Letters to Amelia. Follow along in Mandy's daily life on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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