The Top 5 Ways VarageSale Can Help You Ring in the Holidays

Christmas is swiftly approaching, and if you’re like me, the Christmas to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer.  There are gifts to buy, lights to hang, and we couldn’t possibly let our kids attend a party without the perfectly themed outfit, could we?!  Luckily, our sponsors at VarageSale are saving me some stress {and some grey hair} as I tie up all those loose ends.

Christmas Tree

Here are the top 5 ways VarageSale can help you ring in the holidays ::

  1. Holiday Decor :: Having trouble finding yard decorations at the right price?  You’d be amazed how many people are selling decorations – in excellent condition – for a fraction of the retail price.  Many of the items listed in my local VarageSale site are even new in the box!  We’ve even talked about decorating our neighbors’ yards this year to help light up our street more. And for the record, yard art isn’t the only decor on VarageSale.  In fact, there’s a high in demand Queen Elsa ornament new in the box listed in my local community as we speak.  You can also find trees, stockings…you name it.
  2. 999471_660527316626_274300361_nHoliday Clothing :: One thing that makes me seriously cringe is the retail price of children’s holiday clothing.  Realistically, my daughter will get one or two wears out of a holiday outfit before being packed up.  Lord knows she’ll have outgrown it by next year.  So anytime I can get a good deal on clothing, I take it!  I picked up this boutique outfit for Skeeter on VarageSale last year at less than half the retail price!
  3. Toys/Gifts :: Let’s revisit the whole “new in box” concept for a minute.  So many items in the toy category are brand spanking new!  Even with the used toys, think about all of the toys that were played with for a day last Christmas then quickly forgotten.  So many other kids did the same, and now you can snatch up those toys for your kiddos.  The younger kiddos especially won’t even know if the toy has been used before.  This is particularly helpful with the higher priced items.
  4. Crafting Supplies :: Are you a Pinterest-crafting mom set on creating decor all on your own?  Well, I personally unloaded an entire box of brand new crafting supplies on VarageSale not too long ago for so cheap it almost hurts.  I just needed to make room.  Skip the overpriced crafting stores and see what you can find online!
  5. Making Room :: If you’re like me, you’re wondering how you’ll ever find room for all the toys and gifts your kids will receive this Christmas.  Take a few minutes to box up those toys and list them on VarageSale.  You can make some space and some dough all in the same day!

If you’ve never used VarageSale before, don’t fret!  Check out this handy informational post we shared last Halloween for all the good details!

Are you a VarageSale-er?  If so, tell us how you use VarageSale during the holiday season?

Please Note :: While this is a sponsored post, we are raving fans of VarageSale and all thoughts and opinions are completely our own.


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