The Value of a Family Closet

About a year ago, I did a news segment on toy organization and clothing donations. In that segment, I mentioned briefly how our family utilizes a ‘family closet’ for all of our clothes. Since then, I have had some close friends {even family members} inquire about this closet and what it entails.

Why a Family Closet?

One afternoon my two oldest children {who were younger… just a toddler and babe} were playing loudly and nicely in their playroom. I was doing some light cleaning, cause you know, I was preggo with baby number three, and then I heard it… NOTHING. You know what that means…


I go to check on them and what did I find?! All of their clothes were scattered on the bedroom floor. I was beside myself, and they thought it was funny {little angels, huh}. I was upset and spent a long time putting everything back, only to have them do it again a couple of days later. I knew there had to be something I could do besides lock the doors.

Thank You, Momma Duggar

Yes, I watch the Duggar’s on TV. I do not remember which episode it was, but that is where my curiosity for a family closet began. I was so fixated on the idea that one closet or room could be utilized to store everyone’s clothes. I remember thinking Michelle Duggar is a genius. Their ‘closet’ was more like a room. It housed the washers and dryers {they had four of each} and everyone’s clothes in one enormous room. I was fascinated. I then began to ‘pin’ all sorts of ideas for inspiration. I must say, I did not implement the system right away. At the time of this realization, we were living in a three bedroom house with small closets and WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES, and to tell you the truth, I forgot about the family closet due to birthing two new babies and adjusting to being a family of six. Shortly after birthing baby number four, our family uprooted and moved to Houston. This move game me the energy and focus I needed to declutter and seriously downsize our belongings. When I found out that our new home had a HUGE master closet, I decided to set ours up.

A closet. A shelf is labeled I lay out their days' clothes here. Beneath the shelf are two sets of hanging clothes labeled Girls clothes and boy number 2 clothes. A closet with hanging clothes labeled School uniforms for three kiddos.

The Benefits of a Family Closet

  • Laundry is not a ‘chore’ for me. It’s something I look forward to because of the organization!
  • Clothes are easier to put away since I am walking to one area to put them ALL up. Kids can help too! {Notice the toy organizer I utilize in the picture below?}
  • It is super easy to lay out clothes for the next day.
  • It’s easier to keep the amount of children’s clothes to a limited number of items.
  • You can see what is available {or not available} for everyone to wear.
  • It is easier to pass down clothes from one child to another without rearranging closets.
  • It frees up space in the bedroom closets for other types of needed storage {or to just be empty}.

A set of plastic bins on four shelves labeled Each child has a row for shorts and undies. Clothes hanging in a closet labeled Mom's corner.

How To Set Up a Family Closet

  • Do a Major Purge. Get rid of items you do not need or want. I suggest taking everything out of every closet. Go through each item. Is it stained or torn? Have you outgrown it? Think about who you can donate the clothes too and make it a point to drop them off. Do not let them linger in your bedroom or garage for X amount of time.
  • Envision a System for YOUR Family. It is important for you to set the system up according to your family’s dynamics, needs, and the amount of space you have in your home. Do some research via Google or Pinterest and see which system you prefer. Enlist the help of your family members {spouse and children}. Get their input and ideas.
  • Give everything in the closet a ‘home.’ Assign spots for certain items. For instance, each of my children know where THEIR clothes are {outfits, socks, undies, etc}. Shoes have a home at our entry way because we do not wear shoes on our carpet, so we don’t have to worry about storing them in our closet. HOWEVER, if you store shoes in your closet, then yes, you would need a space for them as well. {Check out this shoe organizer}
  • Decorate your space. Get some nice wicker baskets for scarfs or a nice wall rack for storing hats and purses. Add a fresh coat of paint or get some fancy hangers. Make it enticing and homey. Make it a place where you LOVE to be. I love admiring our family closet. It isn’t much, but it brings me so much joy. Be creative and have fun!

Clothes hanging in a closet labeled dad's corner.

Does your family utilize a FAMILY CLOSET? What are some tips you have?

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The Value of a Family Closet. A photograph of a closet. Logo: Houston Moms Blog.

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