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When most kids think about what their dream home would be like, they think of a pool, a game room, and not having to clean their rooms. 

Not me. I dreamed of having a TV in the kitchen.

I didn’t want just any TV, I wanted a small one:: the mini-TV sets which so popularly adorned suburban American kitchens during the 80s and early 90s were what my dreams were made of.

I don’t know why I thought they were so cool as a kid but as an adult, a TV in the kitchen is still my dream. At least, it was until I tried the Google Home Hub. This is more than just Google, more than YouTube- this is what my 1985 childhood self was imagining if I had been able to imagine anything like this.

Google Home Hub is like a virtual assistant, media player, and Smart Home device all rolled into one. It has so many features, I’ve barely been able to explore them all. Here are some of my favorites::

My Personal Assistant

No, I don’t just want to feel important- I AM important! Moms everywhere can benefit from an automatic virtual assistant. Never miss another school function or themed dress day- just slap those babies on your Google Calendar and ask Google to “Start My Day”. The Home Hub will update you on your appointments, the traffic, the weather report, your shopping list, and can even play your favorite pod cast. Plus, Google can help find the answers to endless questions from pulling up a recipe to how to help your 3rd grader with their math homework {Psst….just make sure you check the answers}!

A True Smart Home

The Google Home Hub can sync with multiple types of smart home devices, like your alarm system, Nest security cameras or Robovac to even your own electricity account if you have Reliant! Our family is Earth- conscious and the electricity bill is our Final Frontier. I love being able to pull up data showing our latest electricity useage without having to log in through my computer. Even better? I can ask Reliant when my free weekends start or compare this week’s usage to the week before. And then I can ask Google to dim the lights or adjust the thermostat to help save on my electricity costs!

Endless Entertainment

You might have guessed why I always wanted to have a TV in the kitchen- I want to be able to watch TV as I cook! I also get stock updates, listen to my favorite playlist, and play trivia. The kids adore teaching the Google Home Hub new tricks like how to tell a joke or to play a beat for their rhymes. Whether they’re checking out our family photos, solving the Riddle of the Day, finding the best Fortnight drop, or testing their knowledge of Geography, the Google Home Hub is basically a complete entertainment center, computer, and app- master all in one. 


Do you have a Google Home Hub? Tell us how you use it and your favorite features in the comments below!

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