Things Will All Make Sense Post-COVID

Anyone else beginning to relate more and more with Olaf in Frozen 2 as COVID times continue? No? Just me. Cool.

Sing along if you know the tune! 

“Things will all make sense when I am older. Someday I will see that this makes sense…I’ll have all the answers when I’m older. Like why we’re in this dark enchanted wood…Growing up means adapting, puzzling at your world and your place…So there’s no need to be terrified or tense. I’ll just dream about a time when I’m in my aged prime, ‘Cause when you’re older absolutely everything makes sense. This is fine…” {it’s stuck in my head too now… #sorrynotsorry}

This Will All Make Sense Post COVIDI mean, I know I’m watching Frozen 2 a lot more now than pre-COVID times, but it’s started bringing up some things for me that it didn’t before {don’t worry I have a therapist}. As much as I thought I had worked through most of my existential crises in my 20s, since the apocalypse of 2020 started in March, I find myself questioning everything again.

So either I am losing it, or since COVID times began, it has felt like a huge re-evaluative period. And if you think about it, it makes sense. When we lose something major or have significant changes in our lives, we grieve.  And when we grieve our perspectives and priorities shift. 

And let’s face it; we’ve lost a lot.

We’ve lost our freedom in many ways:: not being able to see friends, family, go to the store in the same way, hang out with friends, go to parties, or graduations, or travel. Man, do I sure miss traveling. But now, in addition to a global pandemic, there is this unveiling of people and companies and possibly friends and family members that you are realizing do not hold the same values as you do. Ouch. 

AND WE DON’T KNOW WHEN IT WILL END! There is literally no end in sight. 

If that ain’t grief I don’t know what is. And what do we do with it? 

Working Through COVID Grief

In traditional times, pre-COVID {because I really believe what we were before will be so different when it’s done, so then we will have post-COVID}, I would say we work through our grief. We let it come to us as we feel it, we sit in it. And while this is still true, distractions are still coping skills and let’s face it, we have a lot less distractions these days. 

I would like to give you permission, that no matter how you are coping right now, no matter how you are grieving, it’s ok. You’re doing the best that you can. We are in uncharted territory. No one alive now has ever been through something like this in their lifetime. I am a professional mental health therapist. I am trained to help others work through the unknown, the uncharted, the uncertain… and I am on the struggle bus most days with everyone else. No amount of training, no amount of time on this Earth, would have/could have prepared us for this. 

So today, if you are reading this, and have made it this far, I challenge you to take a deep breath, pause, and say to yourself::

“I don’t know what will happen, but I am okay and will be okay. I don’t like this, I don’t want it to be like this, but we are here. I may not have always been comfortable or had what I wanted, or what I needed, but I have always been okay.” Another deep breath. Doesn’t that feel good? 

When we rest our mind, or pause, even for a moment it helps us to be better equipped to take on hard things. Remind yourself that you are not alone in this. When you are resting, someone else will be fighting this fight. 

See…you’re now about 5 minutes older…”Things will all make sense when I am older…” Man, I love Olaf. 

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Jessica has been a bit of a nomad, moving constantly growing up. It was during her time in undergrad at University of Houston {Go Coogs!} that she planted some roots and proudly has called Houston home for the past 20 years. Somewhere in these 20 years, she received her Master of Science in Counseling, became a licensed professional counselor, married her best friend, and had a very spirited, independent daughter {September 2017}. Jessica is best known for her hustle, her resourcefulness, and forever searching for this elusive thing in life we call balance. She is a bubble tea addict so you can most likely find her at various Teahouse locations working on her growing mental health private practice, Ajana Therapy & Clinical Services in Montrose. She is passionate about mental health, especially related to maternal mental health, as her own birth and postpartum were pretty traumatic. Jessica and her clinicians write about various mental health topics on their blog and on Instagram @ajanatherapy.


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