Tips to Help AVOID Colds & Flu This Season

We are honored to be partnering with TexaClear to bring you this sponsored post. We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful as we make our way into cold and flu season!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and while I am so excited to stuff myself with turkey, dressing, and all the pie … I can’t help but feel a little fearful.  No, I’m not fearing all the time with my in-laws, as I lucked out in that department, but I’m dreading the sickness that always seems to hit our house this time of year. The past TWO Thanksgiving holidays my babies were sick, and we had to cancel all of our plans and stay home.  

So far we are healthy and germ-free, but trust me, I’m not getting too comfortable!  Between the allergies that my entire house suffers from, the joys of preschool germs, and of course, an extreme flu season — I am taking every possible precaution to help avoid colds and flu this season.  Thankfully, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I’m going to share with you too…

Get Your Flu Shots

I’m not here to spark a debate about immunizations, but if you are one to get your annual flu shot and haven’t already done so this year – go get it done ASAP!  Call your pediatrician, ask your employer, or stop by a local clinic today to get taken care of.  

Wash Your Hands

Make it a habit of washing your hands often and always.  Wash after you’ve been in public spaces, wash after you shake someone’s hand, wash before you even think about cooking or eating, etc…  You get the picture.

Get Plenty of Sleep

I know, I know… This one is easier said than done, especially for us moms.  But try bumping your kiddos bedtimes up a bit earlier so they can get extra rest, and then {hopefully} you can get to bed a little bit earlier to catch up on those zzz’s too.

Invest in a Cool Mist Humidifier

During last year’s cold and flu season that seemed to drag on, we discovered the use of a cool mist humidifier.  As soon as you start noticing any coughing and congestion, plug that baby in.  It can help curb off symptoms before things progress.

Moms, Try the Starbucks “Medicine Ball” Secret Menu Drink

So this might not be a lifesaver for your kiddos {unless they will drink hot tea}, but this is as close to a magic potion as you can get for parents!  You won’t find this one on the menu, but just ask for a Medicine Ball {I always go Venti} and your barista will know exactly what to do.  If your throat starts feeling scratchy or you’ve been around someone with the sniffles, the Medicine Ball includes ingredients like honey which has antimicrobial properties which can help knock out symptoms before they even really begin. 

Stock Up … Just in Case

So let’s be honest… Even if you follow ALL of the things above, someone in your family {namely the kids, it’s always the kids} still might end up sick.  Before that happens, make sure your medicine cabinet is fully stocked with everything you might need to help your little one get some relief quick.  Make sure you have plenty of tissues for runny noses, drinks to help with dehydration, and TexaClear Kids to help get them back to healthy stat. Personally, I love that TexaClear has products for allergy, sinus, and cold relief that contain powerful active ingredients — without the extra unnecessary junk, such as dyes, sugar, gluten, artificial flavors, and acetaminophen.  As an added bonus, TexaClear is made by Texans for Texans and sold exclusively at HEB stores, which is pretty much my home away from home.  PLUS, they currently have a $3 off coupon available over on their website here.  SCORE!

No matter what you’re up to this holiday season, know that I’ll be sending you happy and HEALTHY vibes to last all season long.  And if you know of any other tips and tricks for keeping your little ones {and yourself!} cold and flu free this time of year, then please, oh please, be sure to include them in the comments below!

TexaClear Kids is the clear choice for your little Texans. Visit today to learn more.


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