Tips for Taking Kids To Antique Week in Roundtop, Texas

Tips for Taking Kids To Antique Week in Roundtop, Texas | Houston Moms Blog

Antique Week in Round Top, Texas is one of my favorite events, but I missed out on years of this amazing antique wonderland because I was afraid to take my kids with me. Now that I have spent a lot of time in this tiny Texas town halfway between Austin and Houston, I would not hesitate to bring my kids along on a treasure hunt.

The show dates this year are March 20 – April 8, though not all venues will be open that whole time. If there is a specific show you would like to shop, be sure to double check their dates.

For specific schedules I go to the Round Top Register  or The Show Daily. Both have an online presence, but if you can get copies of their magazines for the show, they are also wonderful resources.

General Tips

Tips for Taking Kids To Antique Week in Roundtop, Texas | Houston Moms Blog

  • The first thing to remember is to bring water, snacks, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and bug spray. I would absolutely wear closed toe shoes. Most of the events are set up on cow pastures that have been vacated by their usual tenants and replaced with beautiful antiques and quirky finds.  Rain boots are a good idea if there has been rain, as mud can be a very real problem in areas.
  • Bring cash with you. There are ATMs in certain locations, and some dealers will take credit cards, but cash is always the best option. Having a few small bills to give the kids to shop with can be a fun distraction for them.
  • The temperatures during the antique shows can be dangerously high, so make sure you are all dressed in loose clothing. A battery operated fan that can be directed toward the kids is a fantastic idea. An umbrella is helpful to keep the sun off and comes in handy in case of a stray shower.
  • I would recommend bringing a stroller or wagon, keeping in mind that the ground can be uneven. If all of your children are walking, bring a rolling cart of some kind. You can bring your snacks and drinks with you and carry your purchases back to the car.

The Venues

Tips for Taking Kids To Antique Week in Roundtop, Texas | Houston Moms Blog

Here are just a few of the venues that I am familiar with and think would be a great fit for shopping with kids. There are so many amazing venues filled with vintage and antique treasures.

  • Zapp Hall is located in Warrenton. This show has a wonderfully eclectic  mix of dealers. There are food vendors here and so many interesting sites to see. There is not much if any air conditioning here, but you can find shade and fans throughout. The portapotties have always been clean when I have visited here.
  • The Junk Gypsy Store is a super fun spot. Amy and Jolie have created a fantastic place of color and imagination. The store is filled with their signature style, t-shirts clothing, their own line of cow boy boots, home decor, gifts and vintage items interspersed. During Antique Week, you can find food vendors on the front lawn and musicians performing on their front porch. Watch their social media for a calendar of specific events.
  • A great spot for the heat of the day is The Compound. If your child has a stroller, this is a good place to strap them in, as there are pieces here you don’t want to have the You break it you buy it conversation. There are air conditioned buildings here and a stunning selection of antique jewelry, French, Swedish and English treasures, mid century modern selections, repurposed light fixtures, and rugs. There are also always great food trucks and picnic tables.

Tips for Taking Kids To Antique Week in Roundtop, Texas | Houston Moms Blog

Another fancier show, but well worth the stop is Marburger Farm. There is an entrance fee for Marburger, but it is well worth the entry for the selection of food options, tasty treats, and amazing treasures. {Full disclosure, I myself am a dealer here at Marburger Farm.} The antique and vintage pieces here are gorgeous and the displays are definitely a sight to see. The tents are not air conditioned so it does get hot, but the bathrooms are clean and air conditioned and there are usually great fans to sit near in the food court. Lines can get long during meal times, but if you eat a little early or late you can avoid the long lines. Marburger has ice cream, mini donuts, and kettle corn vendors that are great treats for good listeners.

Food, Drinks and Bathrooms

Tips for Taking Kids To Antique Week in Roundtop, Texas | Houston Moms Blog

Henkel Square is the main square in Round Top. You can find food, entertainment, antiques, and clean bathrooms here. There are parking areas, but expect a bit of a hunt for a spot. Here you will find Henkel Square the main building. There you can find food and something interesting.

Royers Cafe is just off 237 across the street from the old court house. Keep in mind that Royers is reservation only during the antique shows. They will start taking reservations sometime in March so keep an eye out for that if you know you want to experience this Round Top icon. If you don’t make it onto the reservation list or a sit down meal with your tired kids doesn’t sound like that much fun, you can list Royer’s Pie Haven on Henkel Square. Enjoy a piece of pie under the shade of the trees or take the pie to go and eat it at home as you remember all the fun you had in Round Top. The Pie Haven also has had musical guests in the past. Teague’s Tavern is a tasty choice as well. Manditos is across 237 and a yummy choice for Mexican. I have never eaten at the Garden Co. myself, but I have heard great things about this adorable restaurant.  Again, be prepared to wait for a table at meal times at most places.

Tips for Taking Kids To Antique Week in Roundtop, Texas | Houston Moms Blog

If you just need a caffeine pick me up, Two Sparrows Roasting Company is a great stop in Henkel Square.

If you need a break from shopping, all the people, or the heat there is always the Round Top Library. The library is housed in an old church and it is so beautiful. There is an amazing play ground and covered picnic tables that would be perfect for the little people in your life. The library has bathrooms, wifi and a book sale, available Monday – Saturday 1:30 – 5:30.

Tips for Taking Kids To Antique Week in Roundtop, Texas | Houston Moms Blog

My kids have shopped with me since they were little. Sometimes that looks like me dragging them through as many aisles of old stuff until they can’t take any more. Sometimes my husband will take the kids to get a snack while I get to look around. As my kids have gotten older, I give them a budget and let them look for a small treasure. This wouldn’t work at every show in Round Top as some of them are higher priced, but there are usually things that kids can afford and would be entertained by. A friend of mine lets her kids take pictures of things they think are interesting or unusual, and they look through the photos together when they are home.

Tips for Taking Kids To Antique Week in Roundtop, Texas | Houston Moms Blog

I love that my children have an appreciation for the antique and vintage pieces in our home. We are able to talk about the history of the pieces and the lessons we can learn from them. Sometimes they roll their eyes at me but I have heard them admit how much fun they had.

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