To My Children’s Future Kindergarten Teacher

To My Children’s Future Kindergarten Teacher,

In less than a month, my children will enter your classroom door and hopefully, your heart. I’ve thought about this day since they were born, but obviously as the countdown draws closer, it fills so many of my thoughts. Trust me, the twins are filled with ALL THE EXCITEMENT and ask me on the daily when they can go back to school. And every time they ask, I try to answer with enthusiasm, “Wow, only 18 more days!” But admittedly, my heart isn’t fully in the game yet. I’m actually a little surprised by that. I thought I would be prepared.

I guess nothing can really prepare you for sending these tiny pieces of you into the unknown. I mean, we’ve done the preschool thing for four years, so it’s not like they haven’t been away from me. And honestly we do better with a little break time from each other. But this. THIS starts a new chapter in their lives — marking the next 13 years of their education and then hopefully 4 or more years beyond that in higher education. Whew. This is big time.

And honestly, I think of you most these days. Who are you? Are you a newer teacher, ripe with enthusiasm, eagerly and excitedly preparing your classroom? Or maybe you are a long-time veteran whose love for children and passion for education make you sparkle as you welcome these children into your life? Perhaps a mom of young ones yourself who is attempting to balance your own emotions of sending your kiddos off while simultaneously prepping for a new school year?

I don’t know yet, but I am already praying for you.

Not because my children have almost sent me off the deep end a handful of times this summer. {Oh no, ma’am/sir. They are angels and precious little snowflakes who behave perfectly. Ha!}

I’m thinking of you and praying for you because most likely you don’t get the respect you deserve. You ask for school supplies, but there’s always a shortage, so it comes out of your own pocket. You spend countless nights pinning like crazy and brainstorming new ideas on how to make the classroom a thriving and bright learning environment. You know that come August, hours on the clock mean nothing and many days will stretch 10 to 12 hours plus. And you do it without complaint.

I keep thinking about all.the.things I want to tell you about my kids, you know, just so you can be ready. Like how my girl has the biggest heart {and a special one at that} of anyone I know. She loves BIG, and don’t be surprised when she throws her tiny body into your arms every day. I hope you embrace that quite literally. I want you to know that she is scary smart, but sometimes she gets really frustrated when she can’t get something on the first try. You might need some patience with her stubbornness, too. I have NO idea where she gets that. You may want to ask her Daddy about that.

And my son? He is such a joy. Oh, and he’s all boy — loves running around with all of his friends and being hot stuff. I never really knew how talkative he could be until he missed out on quite a few “quiet critters” last year in Pre-K. So, while he’s not purposefully bad, he can be a little chatterbox. Can I tell you that I worry about his sensitive spirit, though? Honestly, if I even look at him cross-eyed, he melts down into a puddle. He hates to disappoint people. Can you help me protect his little heart?

But maybe it’s better I don’t tell you too much about them. Maybe it’s better if you can quietly observe on your own and draw your own conclusions about my little friends. And most likely you’ll see things that I have been blind to with my “mom goggles” firmly in place, probably both good and bad. I won’t ask you for much, I promise. But I will ask for your patience as I navigate these new waters we’re leaping into. If you see tears in my eyes during that first week, please know it’s because I’m doing mental flashbacks of the last six years where I’ve spent 95% of my time with them. I’ll probably be questioning myself, too. Did I do enough? Was I enough? Did I get them ready for this new adventure the way I should have? I can only pray that I’ve done my best. But still, I will cry. Oh, and you should probably know that I’ll do that quite often, both for happy and sad reasons. #heartonsleeve. I’m a little emotional. The girl may have gotten that trait from me as well.

Although I admit that I have zero clue about how to do this kindergarten thing, I can promise you a couple of things. First, I promise to support you and your class. I’d really love to be involved in assisting y’all however you need. I don’t know if I’m cut out to be super homeroom mom just yet, but I can definitely copy or staple or whatever you need done. Just ask, ok? And second, and maybe the most important, I will do my best not to judge and listen with an open mind. I want to be partners in this thing called education. I promise that I won’t jump to conclusions. I’ll defer to your expertise as I am completely ignorant of how to run a classroom of 25+ five and six year olds. That’s a special gift that I clearly don’t possess. All I ask is that you keep me in the loop as much as possible. I think both of our goals is to have two children who not only grow education-wise but that they LOVE to learn. That is my prayer for them.

So, to our future kinder teachers, I want to thank you. Thank you for so selflessly doing such a tremendously difficult job. I think I can do this. I think I can send my babies that August morning. I’ll see you on that day, my hands tightly clutching theirs, most likely as they try to squirm away to see their new digs. I’ll beg for a kiss and a hug and most likely get a half-hearted attempt because there is SO much to see and new friends to meet. Maybe you’ll give me that tight hug? And maybe look over with that knowing glance, seeing my eyes brimming with tears, and have compassion and empathy. For it’s not just a drop off to me. It’s an entrance into a new book. Here we go.


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