Top 5 Ingredients for the Perfect Beach Vacation

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Memorial Day is quickly approaching, and in my book nothing kicks off Summer like Memorial Day! Soon schools all over will be breaking for summer, kiddos will officially be on summer break, suitcases will be packed, and families all over will head out on family vacations. Personally, I’m excited that it’s time to hit the beach again.  Water soothes me!

This will be our second year in a row to head to the 30a area of Florida for vacation.  I’m beyond ready to be there already. We drive as opposed to flying.  No,  it’s not all fun and games driving that far with such young kids, but know what’s worse than making that long 10+ hour drive??  Having to load back up and go to the grocery store once you get there and unpack.  I dread that.  And let’s not even start talking about how crowded those grocery stores can be during peak season – my heart is racing at just the thought of it.

All that said, let me introduce you all to Vacay Foods.  They service Florida’s Emerald Coast, from Destin to Panama City, and we’re definitely utilizing their services this year!  You can even plan your menu from the comfort of your own home, with your cookbooks to cheat with, place your order online, and have your groceries waiting for you upon arrival at your destination.  How brilliant is that?!

We plan to have Vacay Foods deliver all of our essentials and then some to our Florida rental upon arrival.  I have yet to plan the menu for the week, but I am already starting to brainstorm my quick and easy, go-to items that are perfect ingredients for a beach vacation.   Here are my top 5 ::

PowerPoint Presentation

1. Fresh Fruit

Such a perfect, healthy snack for moms and kids alike!   Go with fruits like grapes, bananas, and blueberries for minimal mess and no cutting up involved.

2. Chips and Dips

Great to snack on while lounging in the sand or as a quick appetizer while you prep for dinner.  Try pita chips with hummus, tortilla chips with salsa, or any combination you like.  You really can’t go wrong!

3. Grilling Supplies

Whether you are grilling up a perfect cut of meat or your very own catch of the day, no beach vacation is complete without a night of grilling!  Just be sure to stock up on charcoal and lighter fluid – so you will be ready no matter what the day holds.

4. Wine

Does the word wine really need an explanation?  I didn’t think so.

5. Cool Treats

If you ask my son, there is no better way to cool off from a day out in the sun than a cool treat.  He loves sticky popsicles, and I love the easy clean up of individual ice cream cups.  Either way – a sweet something in the freezer is a must!

Remember if you are planning to vacation in the Emerald Coast of Florida, from Fort Walton to Panama City, then be sure to look up Vacay Foods to have these {and sooo many other items} delivered right to you.  If you have used a similar service before, you need to know that they are completely different. They do not shop for you at the grocery store, they ARE the grocery store.  They buy from wholesalers and distributors just like a regular supermarket so their prices are similar to the ones you see in the local supermarket. Plus, they offer free delivery on every order over $50.


Their website is incredibly user-friendly and has a very impressive selection that includes everything you may need – sunscreen, steak, gluten-free, detergent, organic, and my favorite… wine. On the site, the price you see is the price you pay.  They also carry a good number of travel size items so you can save some money and waste by not buying a full bottle of ketchup, detergent, or dishwashing soap for an all too short vacation. A little more good news – they offer pre-arrival delivery meaning your groceries will be there before you are which means there’s nothing standing between you and your beach once you arrive! You can also use their same day service that can deliver in as little as two hours.   A quote on their website says “‘No honey, I’d rather stand in line.’ – said nobody.”  And can I get an amen to that?!

Vacay Foods is offering HMB readers a discount from now until the end of the summer!
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Please Note :: While Vacay Foods is graciously sponsoring this post, all thoughts and opinions are proudly my own.

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  1. This is awesome! My mom, sisters, and I are heading to Destin in July with our kiddos, and I will definitely be checking out this service. Thanks for the tip!


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