Top 5 Reasons to Escape to New Orleans

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Top 5 Reasons To Escape to New Orleans | Houston Moms Blog

Have you ever visited a city and it just grabs you by the heartstrings? I’m a Dallas girl by birth, have lived in Houston for the past decade, but spent the early years of my marriage in New Orleans. And y’all, that city is absolutely ingrained in me. Now granted, I grew up with a Cajun momma, so words like etoufee, Atchafalaya, gumbo, and all things Creole were part of my normal vernacular. But having spent a considerable amount of time in the Crescent City… Well, there’s just nothing like it. And any chance we get, my husband and I get back to our “roots” so to speak. It’s my dream that one day we can move back, or even better, have a second home there to relax, introduce our kids to the culture I so dearly love, and as they say, “laissez les bon temps roulez” {translation :: “let the good times roll!”}. Thanks to developments like 1201 Canal Condominiums, that daydream may actually be a reality for us. I’m absolutely in love with their centralized location with urban living on a whole different scale. And let’s be honest, that’s a far cry from my quiet suburban life here in the outskirts of Houston. Whenever I get a chance, I want to shout from the rooftops why you need to visit New Orleans and experience this little piece of heaven too!

>> Top 5 Reasons To Escape to New Orleans <<

1} The Culture :: 

Y’all. The culture has that “je ne sais quoi”, meaning it can’t be easily translate into words about how it envelops you, changes you. New Orleans, and especially the downtown area, is full of history that cannot be replicated in any other city. The people make this city … and their friendliness and down home southern charm will sweep you off your feet. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better place to put down roots than in this historic Canal area which is currently experiencing a rebirth to the grandeur of old. 

2} The Food ::

You just can’t think of New Orleans and not automatically think “FOOD!” And goodness, there are so many fabulous restaurants that dot the city, but a majority of my faves lie right in the Canal / Downtown district. Being in walking distance to the French Quarter literally puts you in the mecca that is Creole dining. Grab a delicious po’ boy from Acme Oyster House or splurge on a night at John Folse’s R’evolution. World-renowned chefs have made their mark in this quintessential district of NOLA. I always think of my meals in New Orleans as an “experience.” Don’t expect to be in and out. Take your time, chat with fellow patrons and staff, and enjoy that is put in front of you. You won’t be disappointed.

3} The Revitalization ::

Y’all, New Orleans has come back in a BIG way. Not only have they expanded the streetcar lines with easy access to the Uptown area, but if theatre is your thing, you won’t be disappointed with the renovated Saenger and Joy venues. They consistently bring the latest and greatest acts, while still representing the grandeur of old school NOLA. Best part? Both are conveniently located near the 1201 Canal Condominiums, your home away from home. 

4} The Escape ::

Honestly, I can’t think of any other city I’d rather explore with my husband than New Orleans. Every time we visit, we find a new hole-in-the-wall we adore, visit historical landmarks that are unmatched, and just down right have a good ole’ Cajun time. I mean, where else can you join in a “Second Line” just because? Life in New Orleans is about CELEBRATION. The city is just a happy place. How much would I love to go and then know I was in my second home after a day of living it up? From the rooftop pools and spas, the architecturally stunning 11-15′ ceiling heights, and beautifully designed condos including luxury finishes… Ahhhhhh. Home.

5} The Convenience ::

I must admit there’s a reason that we go back to New Orleans so often. It’s a straight shot down I-10 and if we depart at a decent hour in the morning, my love and I are firmly planted in the French Quarter by noon, daiquiris and mint juleps in hand. For those times we don’t want to make the drive? No problem! Southwest Airlines, among others, fly direct into Louis B. Armstrong Airport almost every hour on the hour. It’s a traveler’s dream. I love Houston, but how amazing is that I can get away to an entirely different culture within hours? There’s no doubt that if we had a second home there, in a location like 1201 Canal, we’d be there monthly, if not more often. No real time off of work for a weekend getaway. And those times we want to extend our stay? Having a place to call “home” would make virtual officing so much easier. 

Top 5 Reasons To Escape to New Orleans | Houston Moms Blog

I could go on and on about my love for all things New Orleans. I’ve said it before, but once she touches you, she will never leave you. And I’d love for you to experience the other bayou city as I have. I’ve been so impressed by 1201 Canal, and after looking at their availability for condos {currently 110 residence types available} plus the price point, y’all… It’s absolutely doable! Whether you think of it as a retreat with your loved one, a mom’s getaway, or even a weekend away with your entire family, they have everything you need and more. So let’s GEAUX, shall we? Live Big in the Crescent City!

Interested in learning more about 1201 Canal and everything they have to offer? Visit their website to fill out the contact info, and a rep will be in touch with you!

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