Top Reasons Why Sienna Plantation is Perfect for Moms and Families

While this is a sponsored post, we are proud to partner with Sienna Plantation, a wonderful place for our Houston families to call home.

There’s no secret that we love Houston and love that we get to raise our families here, but it’s really hard trying to find the best neighborhood to raise your kids in, isn’t it? We need it to be a financial investment with the best schools, best play areas, best day cares, Mommy and Me play groups, with grocery stores and shopping right around the corner. We teamed up last year to create the HMB Neighborhoods Guide and so many of our readers have found it to be an invaluable resource. One of our most popular areas is Sugar Land and Missouri City corridors, one of the best parts around Houston for you to raise kiddos. Looking at the neighborhoods, we’ve found that one of the best neighborhoods for your fam bam has to be Sienna Plantation

A few of our contributors live in Sienna Plantation and I get so jelly over some of their pictures and the activities they take their kiddos to. There are so many parks that you can conveniently walk to from your house, thanks to the sidewalks connecting each neighborhood. The award-winning Recreation & Events Team plans year-round family events exclusively for residents, which is so helpful for busy moms {who do not want to plan anything!}! Speaking of busy {and needing a break!}, Sienna also has a running list of responsible high school age kids available for babysitting when you NEED a date night! Also, since they will be your neighbors, there’s no need to spend extra time driving them home at night!
Sienna Plantation also has some stunning amenities that make me want to call my realtor. Just look at this gorgeous pool I want to jump into right now ::
There are so many of these pools {Brushy Lake Frog Pool, Sawmill Lake Club, Steep Bank Pool, Club Sienna Water Park to name a few!} and fitness centers available to use. The on-site daycare makes it easy for you to drop your kiddos off, head to work {or swim!}, pick up your groceries curbside at the local supermarkets, and pick the kids back up with ease. Sienna Plantation also has neighborhood youth sports, which means you don’t have to drive all over Houston for the Saturday soccer games anymore! That’s #winning, right there. 

For moms with little ones, you also know how important it is for you and your toddlers to get socialization. As a new-ish mom, I know how important mommy groups are, which is why I’m super impressed with Sienna Plantation’s commitment to provide Mommy-and-Me groups throughout the neighborhood and the club houses. If you want to check out Sienna Plantation for yourself, they have some super fun spring events coming up!

Sat. April 13th ::  “Parks and Picnics Fun Fest” {11:00am – 2:00pm} This gathering will be as colorful and yummy fun as it sounds, and it’s right by their newest zipline playground/sprayground, Sawmill Lake Club.
Sat. May 11th ::  “SiennArt on the Lake” This is fun family event and a fantastic opportunity to meet either current or your potential new neighbors! Kids are welcome :: There is a student tent! Will be held at the Sawmill Lake Club.

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