The Unconventional Way I’m Reaching My Goals in 2017

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If you’re like most Americans, your top goals for this coming year probably look something like this – get fit, stop feeling so stressed all the time, and spend more quality time with family and friends.  If you nodded your head to one {or all} of them, you’re not alone.  In fact, those are my exact goals too.  But if you’re like most Americans, the challenge isn’t setting the goals.  In fact, that’s super easy to do.  The challenge is actually following through with them.  In order to stick to your guns and make those goals a reality, you have to find creative and FUN ways to reach them.  So while I was jumping on the trampoline with my two little ones the other day, it hit me.  The trampoline is that missing link that can help me reach those goals and make 2017 different!

As a little backstory, I was anti-trampoline up until a few months ago.  Then, I discovered Springfree Trampoline, and now I’m pretty much in love.  You see, they are the world’s first Smart Trampoline, and they are dedicated to getting kiddos outside and active SAFELY … which just so happens to be a passion of mine too.  Their unique design offers a safe jumping environment by removing those scary impact areas that can cause injury – springs, the frame at the jumping surface, the potential to fall to the ground, and enclosure poles that can cause collisions.  We’ve only had the trampoline a few short months, but I’m already hooked.  I love watching my kiddos come up with creative ways to use the trampoline, and  now it’s MY turn to get creative!  Here’s my plan for the new year, and I hope you’ll join me in reaching your goals in fun and unique ways too. We can do it, mamas!


This just may be the most cliche goal for the new year, but I’m serious about this one.  And while I don’t have aspirations of dropping four dress sizes or running a full marathon {although that would be nice!}, I am dedicated to getting fit.  I have to.  The problem is my schedule is already packed to the max, and when I do have a little bit of free time away from work and adulting – I want to spend that time with my kiddos.  Enter daily trampoline time…for ME!  According to Springfree, 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is the cardio equivalent of a 30-minute jog.  Boom.  So quick, so easy, and so fun.  2017 Fitness Goal?  CHECK!


Remember that work and adulting I mentioned above?  Ya’ll.  It’s stressful!  I feel a nagging tension in my back that doesn’t go away when I’m sitting at a desk or even scrolling through my phone on the couch.  But get me outside, playing with my kids, and being active?  Instant stress relief.  So on top of my daily 10 minutes of trampoline time, I also plan on heading outside to use that trampoline whenever I feel those stressors start creeping up my back and into shoulders.  2017 Stress Relief Goal?  CHECK!!


Oh, this is a BIG one.  Sure, my kiddos and I spend tons of time together – shuttling to and from school, juggling various extra-curriculars, and running whatever errands need to be checked off the list.  But that’s not good enough for me.  I want to laugh with them, I want to hold their hands, and I want to spend QUALITY time without screens or homework or chores.  It’s amazing how full my heart feels when my sweet little family heads to our quaint backyard together.  My hubby on the grill, my kiddos on the trampoline, and me with a glass of wine in my hand.  It’s such a simple thing, but we don’t do it enough.  So I’m getting out my planner now and scheduling backyard time as a recurring event for the new year in big, bold permanent ink.  2017 Quality Time Goal?  CHECK!!!

So now that you’ve learned my little goal reaching secret, are you curious to find out more about Springfree Trampoline?  In case you haven’t noticed, I can’t say enough about this brand, the quality of their products, and the fantastic customer service.  If you’re looking for a trampoline as a holiday gift, as a tool to help you meet your goals, or just as a fun new addition to your backyard — then be sure to check them out.  They’ve got some great last minute deals running right now before the holidays, so take advantage of those too!

Trampoline Benefits :: The Unconventional Way I'm Reaching My Goals in 2017 | Houston Moms Blog

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