Treat Yo Self

I feel like I’ve been burnt out for months now.  Maybe because I had to “plan” a wedding {truth be told, I did very little}.  Or maybe because we were potty training.  It wasn’t fun when our apartment got flooded in the middle of the day when nobody was home.  The driving and traffic and grocery shopping and just general adulting.  Over it.

And maybe your year wasn’t exactly like mine, but I’m willing to bet at one point you were kinda over things too. But we have to keep going.  As women.  As significant others.  As managers, teachers, baristas, dinner makers, nose cleaners, butt wipers, laundry {eventually} folders, carpool drivers, boo-boo kissers, homework checkers, and the thousands of other items that fall under the job title “mom.”

And I can completely attest to the guilt you might feel when you are ignoring the bajillion things you *could* be doing.  But I place a simple challenge before you this year…


Treat Yo Self


It is so, so important that we take time out for ourselves.  To {re}discover what we like.  Just have a minute that doesn’t involve the immediate needs of other people.  Take a flight attendant’s advice and put the mask on yourself first.

I tend to roll my eyes at the fact that the Internet wants to make everything a thing, but self care is something I totally get behind.

I want you to get behind it as well.  And to help, I have created a list of things to do just for YOU!

  1. Grab a cup of coffee, but not just any coffee.  Make it a grande, with extra whip, and all the extra syrups you can imagine.  And while you’re at it, throw in some fancy pastries too.
  2. Instead of using the gift cards you got from the holidays to buy MORE stuff for your kids, actually buy something for yourself.  New clothes…or a new bag…or a new camera!
  3. Rediscover what you love — and do it!  Catch a chick flick at the local theater, head to the museum, take a nap.  Whatever you have been putting off or pushing aside, make it a priority instead.
  4. And if you need a little further reminder, here’s a downloadable cell phone wallpaper.  That should be easy enough to do, right?

treat yo self

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Breonna was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is recently married to Tyrone, a graphic designer. They currently reside on the West Side of this great city. A big fan of movies, books, photography, and Starbucks, she currently finds herself knee-deep in the throes of being a mommy to Addy {Feb 2011}. Breonna spends the typical 9-5 doing yadda yadda yadda at her job {yes, it’s that nondescript and uninteresting}. She started blogging as a way to do movie reviews, but that gave way to pregnancy blogging. She eventually landed her own space of the internet on BreWrites as well as on Twitter and Instagram {@brewrites} where she talks about everything from the sassiness of her child, to the most recent concert tickets she got her hands on, to the occasional piece of short fiction.


  1. This is my mantra for 2015. Having 3 very needy teenagers and now a granddaughter on the way….I am usually on the very bottom of the care totem pole. But no more I say! I’m looking into traveling, buying books again and rediscovering my love of beauty/skincare. Because one day…I’m gonna kick these people out and all I’ll be left with is me lol. And I’d prefer not to be muttering to myself in a corner because I never treated ME.

    Ok…off soapbox. Great blog Bre…glad you made this realization in the early years.


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