Valentine’s Day Crafts :: From Their Hands to Your Heart

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and trust me, I know this can give moms more unsolicited tasks and homework than we ever signed up for {when your five year old needs to write his name and the name of all of his classmates on twenty five valentines, call me. I’m saving a bottle of wine for you}. But, celebrating this holiday can also creates a culture of loving others well in our children, and provides a great opportunity for some fun Valentine’s Day crafts that will not only make great keepsakes, but lots of laughs and memories you’ll cherish forever. 

These Hands will Hold Your Heart Forever

Valentine's Day Crafts :: From Their Hands to Your HeartWhen it comes to keepsake Valentine’s Day crafts, prints are the winner {hands, and feet, down}. Kids love getting involved in the process, and the projects can be as simple or complex as you want to make them. I’ve done a ton of crafts with my kids over the years, but the ones I love the most are simple and showcase those little digits. Plus, it is super fun to hear the giggle-squeal of a kid who has crossed new sensory and creativity lines when you paint their hands or feet for the first time! Whether you are making a gift for a spouse or grandparent, or adding to your seasonal decor, these fun prints will capture a moment in time and warm hearts for years to come. 

Let’s Get Crafty!

Valentine's Day Crafts :: From Their Hands to Your HeartWhen shopping for supplies for Valentine’s Day crafts, I generally opt for items that are easy to use and inexpensive. Mistakes will happen, there will be times when your proud seven year old insists on starting over for the 3rd time, so be ready with back up supplies. Easy to store gifts are an added bonus! This year, I found the BEST slim canvases and snagged 3-packs in several sizes. We are a family of crafters, so we keep paints of all colors and brushes of all kinds at the ready, but if you don’t have any handy just pick out a few paint colors that will work together {FYI:: I vote for acrylic paints – they are quick drying and easy to manipulate, but don’t look watered down. Just keep in mind when working that these WILL stain clothes} and a small brush set and you are ready to rock! Don’t forget something to cover your work space, an old sheet, tablecloth, poster board, or a recycled cardboard box will protect your space and can be reused time and time again. 

Valentine’s Day Crafts Don’t Have to be Perfect

Valentine's Day Crafts :: From Their Hands to Your HeartIf you are anything like me, the temptation to send the perfect gift is real. But looking back on the progression of a child’s work is a gift in and of itself. If you are making keepsakes from a toddler, they are going to need more help than an elementary age kid, but don’t sell your kids short! Chances are if you let them do more, they will jump on the opportunity. An easy place to start is letting the kids paint a background for your prints. Encourage them to cover as much of the canvas as possible and to experiment with colors and tools. Half of the fun happens here! Let the canvas dry, then get ready to make a print. If this is your first time making a hand or foot print with your child, or if your child is sensitive to sensory experiences, you may want to want to explain that it might tickle or feel weird, but they will wash hands/feet right after. Please don’t force this, it is not meant to cause heartache. If your child is uncomfortable another option is to trace their hand or foot with a marker! 

Valentine's Day Crafts :: From Their Hands to Your Heart

The last piece to making your Valentine’s Day keepsake is adding a few words or a signature. Whether your child is learning to write or mastering calligraphy, it is always special to see their handwriting on a keepsake. You can add a cute saying, a “Happy Valentine’s Day”, an “I love you”, or keep it clean and let the print steal the show! I do encourage you to always write a name and a date on the creation. You think you will remember, you super mom, but we all know how crazy life can get! 

Most importantly, have fun making Valentine’s Day crafts! If, in the end, you end up with less-than giftable projects, you’ve made space for an hour or so to create with your children, and that is a priceless gift!

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