Valentine’s Giveaway :: Win dinner for two at Sambuca!

Hard to believe it, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  But don’t worry – there’s still plenty of time to book that babysitter and plan for a dinner for you and your main squeeze.

If you’re looking for the perfect plan for Valentine’s Day…our sponsor Sambuca has answered your call! How does a chef prepared 3-course dinner and dancing sound? {Yes, please – sign me up!} For just $49.95 each and with three different seating options {6pm, 8pm, and 10pm}, you can enjoy an amazing meal accompanied by Sambuca’s well-known live music.


I think the 6pm seating is ideal for those with young families.  You can relax and enjoy a lovely celebratory dinner – without the stress of staying out too late. I mean, let’s face it, our kiddos will undoubtedly be up at 6am the next morning, and it might make it easier to find a babysitter as well!

And because we want to make sure that our Houston moms have a VERY happy Valentine’s Day, our friends at Sambuca are giving away TWO Valentine’s Day dinners for TWO lucky couples.  Enter below to win…and don’t forget to share with your friends too!

Winners :: Priscilla & Brannon

If you represent a local business and are interested in participating in one of our sponsored giveaways, please contact our sponsorship coordinator for current pricing and availability.  We would love to partner with you to giveaway your product or provide your service to one lucky local mom!

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Tiffanie, originally from East Texas, has called Houston home for over 10 years now. She and her husband met during undergraduate studies at Stephen F. Austin State University. They have one son, Preston {Jan 2011}, who was born with a very rare congenital heart condition and underwent a very successful open heart surgery at Houston's own Texas Children's Hospital when he was just two days old. In October 2013, Tiffanie welcomed a daughter, Hadley, into this world. She adores seeing life and this great city through the eyes of her children. She is a practicing physician assistant, passionate about Endocrinology and diabetes. Committed to connecting moms and families to all the fabulousness of this great city, Tiffanie started serving as our Sponsorship Coordinator in January 2014. Her days are now filled to the brim with taking care of her family, her patients, fielding sales calls, and scheduling sponsored posts. Her favorite pasttimes include drinking a full-bodied glass of red, retail therapy, a nice long run, and being near a beach - water soothes her.


  1. My husband and I NEED a date night because I’m 8 months pregnant with our first. I am really trying to spend some quality time with him before the little one comes so he can know he’s loved.

  2. I have a 9 month old baby, and we’ve yet to have an actual date night. Or date lunch. Or date anything…but my MIL will already be at our house on Valentine’s Day because we are MOVING the day before! It will actually be totally crazy, but this would be a perfect time for a little night out for the two of us.

  3. We have 2 boys under the age 7yrs. We haven’t had a date night for while. It would be nice to reconnect and flirt with no kids around us nagging for attention.

  4. I’ll can tell you from a man’s perspective, this would be a fantastic way to be able to show my wife how special she is on Valentine’s Day! We have one young daughter and another on the way; my honey needs a night where she can feel great and be carefree!

  5. Hi, CMB!

    Friday, February 13, will be my 5 year anniversary. We absolutely love Sambuca! We almost got engaged at the Dallas location (proposal was spoiled so we did something else), celebrated there the day after our wedding night, and have enjoyed a few other anniversary and special date nights here! You can say this is our romantic date night get away place! My husband and I have had little time together since moving to Houston with no family or help around to babysit the kiddos. We finally get to celebrate (hopefully) our very special 5 year and planned on going to this very special place we love to celebrate at. We would be honored to receive such a special date night!!!
    <3 2~13~15 <3

    ~ E

  6. My husband and I could use a date night to spend some us time away from our two kiddos! Plus, we are on a budget and this would be a great giveaway to win without spending too much money to celebrate this Valentines. Thanks!

  7. We have a lot of traveling coming up soon for work and it would be great if we could spend one last night out on the town before it’s too late.

  8. This will be an awesome date night for the lucky couple! I can’t remember the last time my husband and I had an actual date night outside the house (I think it was before my 7 year old was born)

  9. We could use a date night out! Our daughter ALWAYS seems to appear out of the woodwork when she senses a romantic thought. lol A night out with my husband…and a overnight stay for my girl at her granny’s house is much needed.


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