Tips for Cooking with Toddlers {VIDEO!}

For those of you who have romanticized cooking with your children since you could imagine having children, I’m with you. I don’t necessarily like to cook, but I love to teach. And, I like doing my fair share of baking. So when I imagined having kids, I imagined myself teaching them to bake. It was a beautiful picture in my mind.

And then we had kids, and it was…more challenging…than I imagined it would be to cook with my children. It’s a lot of fun! But the reality was way different than the fantasy. Instead of aprons and French cafe music, it’s dusting flour out of our hair and being serenaded by my children begging to eat the ingredients. It might look a lot crazier than I always imagined it, but it’s an adventure worth diving into! Especially to see how proud they are of their work and ask to cook with you every day. Be still my heart! I’d bake with them every day if sweets were healthy, or if I could give them away to people without fearing that my kids added some bodily fluid to the ingredients.

Cooking with kids can be crazy, so here are a few fun tips I’ve learned in the journey that can make your ride go smoother as you cook with your own kids.

Bon Appetit!

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A native Houstonian, Hannah adores everything about her home town…except for the humidity. So when she married Aaron in July 2008, an indoor wedding was necessary to protect this ginger from the frizz of summer. After 8 years of marriage, 4 of those battling through infertility, they welcomed twins Cason and Grace into their family through the miracle of adoption in December 2013. A graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in theatre and a creative writing minor, creating runs deep in Hannah’s veins. Her goal is to live a fearless life where she works hard creating projects and ideas that make their home in her wild imagination. She loves making videos for her YouTube Channel, taking photos and writing for her blog Everything Sunny Always, and creating digital artwork to sell in her Etsy Shop. When she’s not creating, you can find Hannah at any local coffee shop fueling her adoration for a gourmet cup of joe or stuck in traffic on the Houston freeways belting Adele or practicing her future Emmy speech.


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