We Quit TV…Sorta.

For as long as I can remember, we’ve had a television package in our house.  It was a given when we moved – we turned on the electricity, set up the other utilities, and signed up for TV.  But lately, we’ve found that life has kept us busy, and we didn’t have as much time to spend sitting on the couch in front of the boob tube.

We spent a lot of time debating what we should do when our contract was up for renewal last May, and in the end…we decided to cancel.  We came to the sudden realization that we hadn’t actually watched TV in months.  Sure, we’d watched a Disney movie here or there with our daughter.  Or we’d Netflixed an episode of Dinosaur Train for her.  But our DVR had weeks worth of shows piled up, all unwatched.  That is when we knew what needed to be done and ended our service.

Thinking about doing the same thing in your house?  Here are a few reasons you should cancel your service too…

  1. Save that moolah!  Our television package {with internet} was about to jump to well over $200/month.  That’s a lot of money and adds up to over $2400 per year!  While I’m sure we could’ve negotiated a better rate, it just wasn’t worth the investment for us.  That money could be spent on so many fun things, or in our case – a new roof.
  2. More family time.  I’m not saying you should cut out all shows.  Netflix is an excellent resource {and budget friendly} for all of the favorite kid shows for when momma needs a break.  It also has a ton of grown up shows for…when momma needs a break.  Ha.  But the days of turning on Disney Junior or HGTV and letting it play nonstop are over.
  3. Back to the money topic…  Sure, it sounds great to say that you have the deluxe television package with over 500 channels…but who seriously has the time to watch 500 channels?!  There’s a strong chance you’re paying for something you’ll never really use.

Let’s be honest, there is one {huge} downside to our plan – I’m not sure how we’ll watch our beloved Houston Texans this fall.  Or how we’ll truly track our Fantasy Football teams.  But even if we have to spend Sunday lunch out at a restaurant to catch the game, we’re still saving money.  {Or if one of you want to invite us over on Sundays, we’re on our way!}

Could you live without your television?  Sound off in the comments below!


  1. It really is a great choice to make Heather! I noticed near the end of my lease at my apartment ( where i had free cable), that my children weren’t even really turning on the TV much. I recently moved to a house, and when I did i didn’t even attempt to get cable or satellite. we did get internet set up, but that was it. My children have yet to ask where the TV stations have gone. Being that we are in a new house and a new neighborhood, my son has spent his free time outside explore and getting in touch with nature,(something i feel he couldn’t do in an apartment). we spend more time as a family TALKING,and LAUGHING. something that i feel this world can use more of. We do family activities (like skating) I never once hear my kids say “oh but i wanted to stay home and watch this show”. I know it doesnt solve all the worlds problems by not purchasing cable, but its funny how you can see it as a doorway to many better things for you family’s lives.

  2. PlayStation vue lets you purchase select channels starting at 24.99 per month with no contract. That’s what we did for my hubby si ge could watch football. 🙂


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