What Moms Really Want This Christmas

Every year, my people ask me what I want for Christmas. Years ago, I could have rattled off a 10 page list of alllll the things. But then. I became a mom. And I had babies. And now they’ve grown into kids. And with kids, comes alllll the things. I am JUST SO TIRED OF STUFF. Also, if we are being honest, I’m in a position now as an almost certifiable grown up, if I want it during the year, ya know, I buy it. So there’s just not a whole lot of the wish list.

Except there is.

Turns out as I thought about it, I want a whole lot of things. But they range from days off to the super practical. Also known as #Thisis38. So I polled my mom friends to find out their TRUE Christmas Wish List. Husbands and partners, take note. Here’s your chance and most likely we will save you a stress-filled mall trip. Thank us later.

{Btw, that’s on our wish list too.}

What Moms REALLY want this Christmas :: 

  1. A week off from making school lunches. Or a month. We aren’t picky.
  2. Home repairs. And preferable if we don’t have to schedule them.
  3. Thinkx period underwear. Mamas, you get this.
  4. A new hairdryer that cannot be purchased at Walgreens. Preferably one that tames all the PPD baby hairs.
  5. Time away without kids. Like a whole weekend.
  6. A month off from laundry. No folding and no putting away. We are done.
  7. Experiences! We want a date night, comedy club tickets, a chill at the pool with no responsibilities. And beverage in hand.
  8. SLEEP. We want a solid 8. Like in a row.
  9. A new wedding band.
  10. New car tires. It’s a thing, y’all. We actually NEED them to be the taxi drivers.
  11. A home remodel. We realize this is lofty buttt…Santa is magical, yes?
  12. A heated blanket. It soothes us.
  13. All the quality time. One day each with our children.
  14. 24 hour period ALONE in our house. We don’t want to go to a hotel. We just want to BE in our space, y’all.
  15. A day in bed with Netflix that doesn’t require “the chill”.
  16. Financial security.
  17. Someone to clean out and organize all of the clothes my children can’t/won’t wear.
  18. Adults only weekend away. Think New Orleans, Nashville, Austin, etc. One weekend where we don’t have to set an alarm.
  19. Never to shave our legs again. {Seriously, laser everything.}
  20. A case of Elderberry gummies to ward off all the sickies. {Stay HOME if you have a sick kiddo, please!}
  21. New glasses. Time to go pick out said glasses.
  22. A good car detailing. That Chick Fil A nugget tree in the 2nd row needs trimming, y’all.
  23. Not to look like I’m in my second trimester even though menopause hit twelve years ago and there’s no way another human will ever grow from and exit my body again.
  24. To be rid of all Houston allergens. Travis {ABC 13} and Justin {KPRC}, hop to it. You have work to do.
  25. A cook. I mean, truly. It’s not too much to ask.
  26. A new handle for the freezer.
  27. A good garage organization. Snag the pantry while you’re at it.
  28. An airline ticket to somewhere, anywhere.
  29. Self discipline.
  30. A gym membership. *** {This one requires permission in advance. Just don’t randomly hand this out, otherwise you will find yourself doing #27 sooner than you anticipated and possibly procuring a new couch for our redesigned living room.}
  31. ONE, just ONE, comfortable pair of black shoes. This truly shouldn’t be such a unicorn.
  32. A journal. That’s it. Maybe we write in it. Maybe we just admire the clean, white space. It’s meaningful.
  33. For our coffee to never get cold.
  34. Solitude. No seriously. BE QUIET.
  35. The ability to drink coffee AND wine without it getting into the breastmilk.
  36. Three kids on the same nap schedule. Glory.
  37. A new diaper bag. Because that shizz goes with us wherever we go.
  38. A Chick Fil A closer to our house. If not possible, please send a CFA gift card. Mmmmkkkk, thanks.
  39. Shower time without a kid busting in asking for a snack.
  40. And actually, if we could have an automatic snack dispenser, that’d be great too.
  41. A judgment free day. Wearing PJ’s all day? Cool. Haven’t washed your hair in 5 days? You got this, mama.
  42. I know we said “no stuff”…but a car isn’t really stuff. I’d take a new one, please.
  43. A day of no touching. Like, seriously. Don’t.touch.me. Anyone. I’m hands off. I’m basically hot lava & you will get burned.
  44. Storage. Hide all the things. And someone to haul all the crap away that I can’t hide.
  45. More cold weather so we can rock the sweatshirt/no bra combo. Just me?
  46. A trip away with the family members we like.
  47. Permission to leave during all of the Christmas celebrations to have ALONE TIME. {Introverts unite!}
  48. For my child to just poop on the potty already!
  49. Adult acne to not be a thing. Or products that will assist in the process.
  50. All the socks to find their mates. Also looking at you, Tupperware.

Mamas. We SEE you. You have poured everything into your families in 2018. We hope that Santa will bring you one or two items off of this very REAL gift list. Keep on rockin’. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from US to YOU.

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